8 Habits of a Happy Employee

Happiness at work is important because your state has a tremendous impact on your success. It reflects your productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. A happy employee helps to improve output and contributes to the company’s success. However, even if you already have a lucrative position or have the best people around you, it doesn’t guarantee your... Continue Reading →

Dealing Work Problems Like a CEO

When it comes to our finances, we are certainly up to our toes! It drives us nuts! We become the best auditor and controller of all times. We want to make sure that we have the right budget plan. We want to make sure to pay our bills on time or at least promptly. We... Continue Reading →

The Necessity of Criticism

Most of us are afraid of criticism. People see it as a distraction. People are afraid of being told what to do right and whatnot. Afraid of being corrected. Afraid of being reviewed. Afraid of being rejected because of flaws. Most of us see critiques as faultfinders who often find fault on us, harshly and... Continue Reading →

6 Types of Toxic Employees to Avoid

Why Should You Avoid Toxic Employees? We all have that incredible coworker who makes us wonder how our lives would be without them at work. It makes our working environment easy, exciting, and competitive. However, some coworkers can give us headaches and turn our world upside down. Therefore, it's more practical to say that we... Continue Reading →

The ‘How’ of Time Management

Nowadays, most employers expect employees to be capable multitaskers. They want to hire someone who is adaptable and has a "can-do" attitude toward whatever task the company requires. However, I believe that time management is a more critical skill for an employee or applicant than multitasking. What is Time Management? Time management is an approach... Continue Reading →

8 Professional Email Practices

One of the best and quick letters we can send to someone might be for work, business, family or friends is e-mail. It's swift and convenient. In the corporate or business world, e-mailing is the main formal communication aside from actual mail-in letters. Most communications like memos, private and group conversations, quotations, invoices, and more... Continue Reading →

Boss vs. Leader

I'm a big believer in picking your boss, not the job. Great people create great jobs. - Nancy Dubuc Note: This blog is NOT paid or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. Boss vs. Leader I am so hooked up in this US TV Series called UndercoverBoss. It is a TV series that features... Continue Reading →

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