How to Know if God is in our Hearts

It is an ultimate question of every believer - how to know if God is in my heart? It’s my question too. As a believer, we want to make sure that somehow, even at as tiny as pixie dust, there’s a chance that God is in our hearts.  If God is in our hearts, there... Continue Reading →

4 Habits to Master Your Fasting

"Yet even now," declares the Lord, "return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning;" - Joel 2:12 Fasting is a powerful means to empower spiritual growth. Through fasting, we can purify our souls. Fasting leads us to repentance and brings us to the proximity of our God Almighty. As a... Continue Reading →


Thankfulness is a person’s feeling or showing of gratitude.  An article says, that giving thanks to others can make you happier.  Giving your gratitude toward others also helps you raising your self-confidence and will give you a sense of fulfillment in life. Here are some inspiring quotes about thankfulness: When you practice gratefulness, there is... Continue Reading →

5 Filipinism that I am Proud of

Filipinism refers to a set of words or phrases that are misused in proper English grammar. Still, this is how, in general, Filipinos speak English in their native tongue. It’s part of the culture. Primarily some phrases or words don’t have an exact translation in the English language. But on this blog, I'd like to... Continue Reading →

How Do You Use Your Favorite Social Media?

Social media is the simplest yet undervalued medium. Social media enables a netizen to create, share contents, and or to participate in society virtually. Through social media, one can create an "empire" that he can rule and command over. How powerful that is?! Yet some, still underestimate social media's power and impact. The question is... Continue Reading →

Why Fasting Is Worth Your Attention

Fasting is a person's willingness to abstain from or reduce some or all food, drink, or both for some time. When we hear the term "fasting," we often think of someone on a diet. Some individuals practice fasting because they wish to slim down. Others fasting is to save their health conditions. There could be... Continue Reading →

Thank You

Take a pause! And give thanks. It is because Gratitude is the parent of all other great virtues.

7 Amazing Self-Love Advices

Self-love is regard for one’s happiness and growth in terms of spiritually, physically, and mentally. So, it is essential for us to recognize ourselves, nurture our well-being, and incite ourselves to inspire others. Let me share some of the best advice I got from my family and friends that has helped me understand myself and... Continue Reading →

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