25 Ultimate Free Things to Do when in Dubai

When we say tour or vacation we ought to think about spending too. Is there anything that we can do today that is free especially when traveling? Like if we visit one of the most luxurious places in the world-Dubai. 25 Ultimate Free Things to Do when in Dubai Honestly my hubby and I live... Continue Reading →

5 Filipinism that I am Proud of

Filipinism refers to a set of words or phrases that are misused in proper English grammar. Still, this is how, in general, Filipinos speak English in their native tongue. It’s part of the culture. Primarily some phrases or words don’t have an exact translation in the English language. But on this blog, I'd like to... Continue Reading →

Villa Angela Heritage House

My beastie and I randomly just agreed and planned to have a weekend getaway last January 25-26, 2020.  It was our first weekend getaway this year!  Since she and her family haven’t been in North of Luzon, we decided to visit Vigan City!  And yes, it’s my second time to visit this UNESCO’s wonder place!... Continue Reading →

10 Road Trip Essentials inside Your Car

Long driving is one of the coolest things to do as a traveler!  If you want an unprecedented adventure, then you should plan to travel by land with your own vehicle to an never been visited place.  Probably a week state to state visit.  Province to province.  You will learn a lot of things! From... Continue Reading →

10 Things Every Traveler Should Bring

Who doesn’t travel? According to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a study in September 2018 showed an increase of 7% total international tourist arrivals around the world and an increase of 5% total international tourist receipts! That is 1,326 million in numbers and USD 1,340 billion worth, respectively. That’s a WOW! Travel is more than we can imagine! ... Continue Reading →

15 Must-Know Words When in Middle East

Communication is a powerful tool for us to connect with people.  It brings us together. I was based in the Middle East for 3 years and as a foreigner it was challenge because of meeting of several nationalities.  Aside from the Arabs, there are Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, Nepalis, and more.  Surprisingly, I found myself picking... Continue Reading →

Time Warp to Spanish Era

A place to go in the Philippines! I was certain that Vigan City is in Ilocos Norte and when we say Ilocos, there’s only one famous place where the prominent Marcos family are situated - the Norte! Oops! I was wrong! 😅 I guess I was sleeping or doing something else when my grade school... Continue Reading →

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