Tolerance means Benevolent

My home blog project was born in the year 2019. One of its foundations is to bring awareness and value to tolerance. Others say that tolerance is an unfavorable attitude because it means bearing something painful or unkind. But, I believe that tolerance has more to this ordinary table than meets the eye.   Tolerance means... Continue Reading →

How to Donate the Right Way

As a believer, we must be seriously concerned about donations and charity work. I understand that part of our social duty is to donate and practice charity. But today, unfortunately, the act of donation is being used to scam people. We don’t want to get scammed from someone who acts as if they are penniless... Continue Reading →

10 Great Leadership Traits You Must Acquire

In my more than ten years of working experience in business process outsourcing and the facility management industry, I was able to work with different personalities of different positions in an organization. I met several leaders by nature and leaders by class or privilege only. John C Maxwell said, “A leader is one who knows the... Continue Reading →

3 Heartwarming Reasons Why I Turned to Blog

I’m pretty excited because in four months less, my blog site is a year old! And looking back, I can say that I now have good progress in writing, researching, designing, and so on. It’s a smoothly added skill professionally and personally. I’m happy and thankful that I have met like-minded people from community groups... Continue Reading →

English? Here’s How to Fix It

Language is a great tool to utilize to communicate with others. Through language, we can efficiently convey and express our feelings, moods, ideas, experiences, information, and so on. I can say that the English language plays a vital role in our life. English is the universal language considering it is understood to many people. Therefore... Continue Reading →

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