The Supremacy of Silence

The complete absence of sound is referred to as silence (noun). Silence (verb) is the state of becoming silent, being quiet, or refraining from speaking. These are only the most basic definitions of silence; however, more resounding, silence has more to offer. Silence can be painful for some people. It's difficult to talk about things... Continue Reading →

That Being Is God

I earned my university diploma from a private Roman Catholic research university.  Its motto “Laus Deo Semper” a Latin phrase which means Praise God Always has taught me to give glory to our Almighty GOD continuously! No matter what, praise GOD always - our deepest need. When I found this poem being recited it brings... Continue Reading →

Are You at Your Breaking Point?

'Everybody has a breaking point. It's tough to ignore the impulse to respond with anger.’ - Andrew Shaffer Are You at Your Breaking Point? It’s hard to control anger and annoyance, especially when you are already at your breaking point. I have experienced these many times. You start questioning things, the people around you, yourself,... Continue Reading →

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