Festival of Sacrifice

Eid al-Adha is a feast in remembrance of Abraham sacrificing his beloved son to our God Almighty.

5 Powerful Tolerance Quotes

Our society is always being trembled by racism, discrimination, and bigotry. These are just some results of people being intolerant of one another. On the other hand, here in 52StirsLounge, we promote and support equality and open-mindedness. Hence, I’ve collected some powerful tolerance quote that reminds us how to deal with differences and diversity. Powerful... Continue Reading →

5 Things Christians To Do More

"I'm a Christian and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ," it's simple to say. But, to be honest, it's difficult to put these words into action and demonstrate that we're true Christians. So, as Christ-followers, we must do our best and make a solid commitment to do something that reflects Christ in us. Philippians 4:13... Continue Reading →


Thankfulness is a person’s feeling or showing of gratitude.  An article says, that giving thanks to others can make you happier.  Giving your gratitude toward others also helps you raising your self-confidence and will give you a sense of fulfillment in life. Here are some inspiring quotes about thankfulness: When you practice gratefulness, there is... Continue Reading →


Tolerance is the ability or willingness to endure something, the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not essentially agree with. Some say that tolerance is an unfortunate attitude because it means bearing something painful or unkind. It degrades one’s character and dignity. It is because you are enabling others to say and do as... Continue Reading →

The Virtue of Humbleness

What comes to your mind when you heard the word Humbleness? An online dictionary explained that Humbleness is a quality of being modest or unpretentious. Genuine Humbleness is characterized by humility. Your humility shields you from boasting about your achievements and triumphs. Instead, you are represented by being a down-to-earth individual, responsible, and reserve. The book of Luke 18:9-14... Continue Reading →

What to Do?

What to do? It is the most common question people asked if the situation seems deadlock. It’s my question too! What to do, right? If something did not go the way it should have been, Yea? What to do? … That’s the perfect time to act on it! What to Do? Remember Murphy's law? It says,... Continue Reading →


Family is the building block of our society. Here are five inspiring Bible verses that talk about family. How we can contribute, help, and love! I love reading these repeatedly because it reminds us how fragile family is and how priceless it can be at the same time! Pin Me, coz Sharing is Caring. Thank... Continue Reading →

How Do You Use Your Favorite Social Media?

Social media is the simplest yet undervalued medium. Social media enables a netizen to create, share contents, and or to participate in society virtually. Through social media, one can create an "empire" that he can rule and command over. How powerful that is?! Yet some, still underestimate social media's power and impact. The question is... Continue Reading →

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