Getting Smart on Philippine Money

Traveling abroad is both exciting and nerve-racking. If you're planning a trip to the Philippines for the first time, you've come to the right place to learn about the local currency. Of course, you must be familiar with and understand the value of the Philippine Peso. Don't worry, I got your back! It's so easy!... Continue Reading →

3 Ultimate Ways to Save Money in Traveling

Every day is a new challenge. We always consider how we will proceed with better resolves throughout the day. Whatever perspective we take, these plans and thoughts cause us tension and stress. And it's perfectly normal. To release tensions, unwind, and revitalize ourselves, it's fun to go outside, explore and travel! Traveling can help us... Continue Reading →

Secret of Debts

Do you have debts from someone? Yes, let’s talk about debt. It can be monetary or immaterial. Let’s all be honest, who doesn’t have debt? A good friend of mine asked me one day, “ you have debt?”. I answered, “what do you mean? Like monies, you mean?” My friend told me, regardless, money, thing,... Continue Reading →

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