English? Here’s How to Fix It

Language is a great tool to utilize to communicate with others. Through language, we can efficiently convey and express our feelings, moods, ideas, experiences, information, and so on. I can say that the English language plays a vital role in our life. English is the universal language considering it is understood to many people. Therefore... Continue Reading →


Tolerance is the ability or willingness to endure something, the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not essentially agree with. Some say that tolerance is an unfortunate attitude because it means bearing something painful or unkind. It degrades one’s character and dignity. It is because you are enabling others to say and do as... Continue Reading →

The Virtue of Humbleness

What comes to your mind when you heard the word Humbleness? An online dictionary explained that Humbleness is a quality of being modest or unpretentious. Genuine Humbleness is characterized by humility. Your humility shields you from boasting about your achievements and triumphs. Instead, you are represented by being a down-to-earth individual, responsible, and reserve. The book of Luke 18:9-14... Continue Reading →

10 Inspiring Leadership Quotes

A Leader helps others to be the best of themselves. But who and what inspires a leader? Here are some inspiring quotes about leadership, which have motivated some in their professional or non-professional life including me. Inspiring Ten Leadership Quotes Where there is no vision, there is no hope. George Washington Carver, Scientist Speak softly and... Continue Reading →

Thank You

Take a pause! And give thanks. It is because Gratitude is the parent of all other great virtues.

Dealing Work Problems Like a CEO

When it comes to our finances, we are certainly up to our toes! It drives us nuts! We become the best auditor and controller of all times. We want to make sure that we have the right budget plan. We want to make sure to pay our bills on time or at least promptly. We... Continue Reading →

The Necessity of Criticism

Most of us are afraid of criticism. People see it as a distraction. People are afraid of being told what to do right and whatnot. Afraid of being corrected. Afraid of being reviewed. Afraid of being rejected because of flaws. Most of us see critiques as faultfinders who often find fault on us, harshly and... Continue Reading →

The Do’s and Don’ts for Night Shift Employees

Working during grave yard shifts takes a lot of self-discipline and patience. I worked in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry for more than 8 years and experienced tremendous schedule changes. From mid-night to night shifts to regular working hours to night shift again. It took me almost a year and half to adjust mentally... Continue Reading →

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