Stand Up!

A year and two months ago, I was battling with fear. Fear of sickness. Fear of rejection. Fear of uselessness. Fear of separation. Because of hormonal imbalance and HPV66, I have not stopped bleeding. I lost a tremendous amount of blood. I cannot even sit up straight, or else I will faint. I collapsed twice!... Continue Reading →

Our Passport to Paradise

A Believer’s ultimate dream is to travel and reach the best destination of all possible places you can think of - Paradise! For in Paradise, it is the greatest abode of the just. But how is that even possible? Which passport can we use? Do we even need a ticket? Here’s a beautiful story that... Continue Reading →

5 Psalms: Songs of Prayers

Despite concrete planning and hard work to avoid failure, we still tend to fall and feel the emptiness inside us. Some people go outside partying to numb themselves and get up again. Some may just let the rain pour down themselves while thinking about how to get up again. Some just turned on the radio... Continue Reading →

What is Your Stand in Death Penalty?

Capital punishment, or better known for death penalty, is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is killed by the state as a penalty for a crime. Punishable by death are hideous crimes such as murder, mass murder, aggravated cases of rape, child rape, child sexual abuse, terrorism, treason, espionage, piracy, aircraft hijacking, drug trafficking and... Continue Reading →

What I Learned from the Bible

I was born and grew up Christian. When I was little, about 7 years of age, I woke up early in the morning during Sundays to prepare myself to go to church. My parents encouraged me to fear the Lord and obey His commandments. In the Christian world, who doesn’t know the Ten Commandments? My... Continue Reading →

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