Beefy Potato and Carrot

Disclosure: Hi, I am compensated for purchases made through some of the affiliate links in this post. The full privacy policy can be found here. Here's a super quick and tasty red meat recipe for you! I usually make this after work, especially if I've had a long day and still need to cook for... Continue Reading →

Easy Cream Dory Recipe

Cream Dory in Lemon Butter Sauce My husband and I love fish. Let me share you one recipe he loves to cook for any special occasions. You must try this tasty and refreshing recipe of ‘Cream Dory in Lemon Butter Sauce’. It’s a simple recipe that comes from the heart, serve it to your family... Continue Reading →

Spinach and Tofu Recipe

Spinach and Tofu Recipe “I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach.” Popeye the sailor man said! In real life, spinach is indeed a super-food!  Spinach has loads of nutrients yet low-calorie package.  This is my hubby’s favorite low-carb diet recipe!  It’s simple.  It’s quick.  It’s best for people who wants to lose... Continue Reading →

Easy Graham Balls Recipe

Who doesn’t love desserts?!  I like graham crackers because aside from consuming it as tea biscuits you can make desserts out it.  I want to share with you an easy canope dessert recipe which is made of graham crackers! Easy Graham Balls Recipe 60 minutes preparation and cooking, up to 5 persons Here’s what you... Continue Reading →

Quick Neoguri Noodles Recipe

One of my favorite quick meals is Neoguri Noodles - Ramyun! It’s a Korean instant noodle produced by Nongshim from South Korea. I love its thick noodles and its spicy seafood flavor. Best for mid-night snacking and winter seasons. Here’s my very own quick Neoguri noodles recipe. My Quick Neoguri Noodles Recipe 7 mins preparation... Continue Reading →

10 Food Commandments

Food brings us together. It promotes positive connections despite different cultures, traditions, personalities, etc. We can easily express our love and happiness to our families and friends through food. Lunch-outs, dinner dates, we even cook at home for a sweet get-together, celebrating the beauty of togetherness and solidarity. That’s how vital food to us! But wait, here are... Continue Reading →

Oh, My Veggie Balls To-Go

Hey Lounger, how are you today? I hope your day is going great! It's challenging to serve vegetables, especially to kids. But, I have an excellent easy recipe that you can try and fit as snacks. You may also bring this at work for break-time! So, here's an easy veggie balls recipe for you to... Continue Reading →

Ohh lala Chicken Pizza

Chicken Pizza Chicken Parmesan or my friends call this Chicken Pizza because of the aroma and cheesy taste of it. Drop the usual chicken fillet recipe for a while and try this non-conventional cookery at your home. You may add this recipe on any lunch or dinner occasions. Approximately 60-90 minutes cooking and prepping. Here’s... Continue Reading →

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