Easy Savory Tofu Recipe

Happy Monday, Lounger! I'm glad to share with you one of my most straightforward and favorite Tofu Recipes. I love Tofu because it's light, delicate, and a good source of protein. Tofu also contains essential amino acids we need in our body. Tofu also provides calcium, iron, and vital minerals. Today, let's be healthy! Here's... Continue Reading →

Milky Stir Fry Chicken and Veggies

Happy Monday, Lounger! I hope you’re having a fantastic day! Alright, I came up with this quick and easy chicken dish last Thursday because I was thinking about what to do with my vegetables in the fridge. I thought about being light and savory so, I came up with this Milky Stir Fry Chicken and... Continue Reading →

Easy Cajun Stir Fry Tuna Loin Recipe

Cajun spice is a mix rustic seasoning blend from Louisiana. In general, Cajun is a spicy blend featuring loads of paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, pepper, and oregano. My hubby and I love this seasoning; hence it’s a must in the pantry! We also love seafood and fish, so this blog post is an easy Cajun... Continue Reading →

Fish Curry Recipe Filipino Version

What a great Monday! One of the perks of being an ex-pat or traveling worldwide is discovering new cultures, traditions, and dishes. Indian cuisines are close to my heart since I’m currently based in Dubai, UAE. I’ve met many amazing and talented Indians who have introduced me to their food. My hubby and I visited... Continue Reading →

Baked Sushi Rice

Happy Monday, Lounger! One of my favorite cuisines is from the Japanese! Japanese sushi rice is the best! Back then, in Southeast Asia, fish are fermented with rice vinegar, salt, and rice. Fast forward, people are more creative and distinctive with their taste. Bettered sushi dishes are introduced and appreciated! Let me share with you... Continue Reading →

Too Tired to Cook?

Sometimes you’re too tired to cook for your dinner after a long day at work or university. But, at that same time, your only option is to cook. So here’s an answer to your question. What to cook for dinner? A quick Tuna-Marrow dish!  Tuna is a healthier choice for canned goods. Tuna has high... Continue Reading →

Stir Fry Seafood-Veggies with Egg

Happy Monday, Lounger! Today I’ll share one of my favorite easy seafood recipes! Seafood is close to my heart because eating seafood can bring various benefits to our body! Among those benefits, seafood can provide us vital nutrients like B1, B3, biotin, and B12. It also promotes a healthier heart because it gives low saturated... Continue Reading →

Powerful Foods for Type O Blood Group

Food is our fundamental necessity.  But it can make or break you.  It’s important to choose proper and healthy food intakes for you to get the nutrients and nourishment your body needs.  I belong to Type O blood group hence I decided to share you the health and food information I have gathered accordingly.  You... Continue Reading →

Stir Fry Veggies in Noodles Nest

Turn your simple veggie fry into wonder by adding up a twist - put a nest in it. You may use this simple recipe for home parties and special dining occasions. Stir Fry Veggies in Noodle Nest Approximately 60 minutes cooking and prepping. Here’s what you need: Broccoli 1 headSnow Peas 150 gramsYoung Corn 150... Continue Reading →

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