10 Best Ways to Spend Your Time in Downtown Dubai

Nearly all travelers who seek thrilling journeys take the possibility to grow as a person while on trips. It reminds me of why schools take their students on field trips. The alternative learning experiences that students gain while traveling are incredible. Downtown Dubai offers those looking for a break from routines of day-to-day life the... Continue Reading →

5 Things that You Will Love in Dubai

What comes into your mind when you hear the place Dubai? The Middle East? Islam? Arab world? Desert? Camels? Burj Khalifa? Luxury? Money? Highly expensive? Women in full black robes? Honestly, at first, I didn't want to move to Dubai. Because I am afraid of what it could bring to me, it’s an entirely different... Continue Reading →

Deira Once My Second Home

Back in 2016 to 2018, I was based in Deira, Dubai UAE with my hubby. Deira is one of the most authentic Arabian places in the Middle East. Historically, Deira has been the commercial center of Dubai because it's in the border of Persian Gulf. It has a small port called Port Saeed along Deira's... Continue Reading →

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