Grief with Graceful Acceptance

Death is the saddest part of our life. In death, we experience mountains of mixed emotions that boil down to one – grief. The pain that someone endures when their loved ones depart is unbearable, heart-wrecking, and full of anguish.  But, how can you grief with graceful acceptance?

15 Ways to Practice a Growth Mindset

When a person has a growth mindset when they recognize that their abilities can still be developed, it is crucial to everyone to have a growth mindset to become a better and better person every day. It is absurd for an individual to change the world to make it better, but changing ourselves as an... Continue Reading →

There May Yet Be HOPE

Lamentations 3:29Let him bury his face in the dust— there may yet be hope. There are times that everything seems against us.There are times that people around us rejects us.There are times that all you can do best is to fail.Embrace the fall, because without falling there is no standing. Thank for reading! Please continue... Continue Reading →

Stand Up!

A year and two months ago, I was battling with fear. Fear of sickness. Fear of rejection. Fear of uselessness. Fear of separation. Because of hormonal imbalance and HPV66, I have not stopped bleeding. I lost a tremendous amount of blood. I cannot even sit up straight, or else I will faint. I collapsed twice!... Continue Reading →

Our Passport to Paradise

A Believer’s ultimate dream is to travel and reach the best destination of all possible places you can think of - Paradise! For in Paradise, it is the greatest abode of the just. But how is that even possible? Which passport can we use? Do we even need a ticket? Here’s a beautiful story that... Continue Reading →

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