Quick FAQs about Iron Deficiency

"Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account." - Anne Wilson Schaef. A beautiful quote that reminds us how important to take good care of our health - physically and mentally. As some of you may already know, I was diagnosed with having HPV66, has a... Continue Reading →

Powerful Foods for Type O Blood Group

Food is our fundamental necessity.  But it can make or break you.  It’s important to choose proper and healthy food intakes for you to get the nutrients and nourishment your body needs.  I belong to Type O blood group hence I decided to share you the health and food information I have gathered accordingly.  You... Continue Reading →

Stand Up!

A year and two months ago, I was battling with fear. Fear of sickness. Fear of rejection. Fear of uselessness. Fear of separation. Because of hormonal imbalance and HPV66, I have not stopped bleeding. I lost a tremendous amount of blood. I cannot even sit up straight, or else I will faint. I collapsed twice!... Continue Reading →

Blood is Life

Blood is Life Blood is important because through it the Life of a creature. - Leviticus 17:11 I was diagnosed with an iron deficiency because of my hormonal condition, which caused me chronic bleeding. A year ago, I was confined in a government hospital in the middle east and was injected a total of 1,350... Continue Reading →

FAQs about Colposcopy

Have you heard about Colposcopy? Did you know someone who went through this medical procedure? This blog is about a humble story about my experiences regarding Colposcopy. The aim is to share information regarding this medical procedure, which is commonly done to women who have problems with their cervix and or experiencing unusual bleeding. So,... Continue Reading →

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