At, we fulfill outstanding virtual services to your needs. We are result-driven, delivering excellent remote solutions to entrepreneurs and professional individuals across three key business areas: Virtual Admin Solutions, Digital Marketing, and Professional Branding.

52Stirs’ Freelance Services Offers

52Stirs Services

Virtual Admin Solutions

We help Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses maximize their decision-making time and focus on their respective industries’ critical priorities by taking excellent care of their small back-office responsibilities.

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52Stirs Services

Digital Marketing

We are passionate about creating and designing Social Media Marketing Graphics for entrepreneurs and small businesses to leverage their social media branding and presence.

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52Stirs Services

Professional Branding

We help professionals in all sorts of levels redefine a clear professional brand identity that will strengthen them throughout their job search journey.

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Why Use 52Stirs’ Freelance Services?

Virtual Services is similar to what regular Admin Assistants do. The unique contrast is that tasks are done and completed remotely. There’s no need for physical presence within your office, and our team works autonomously from its own fully-equipped remote office.

Using 52Stirs’ Freelance Services, you get to enjoy the following:

  • Your information is highly confidential with us.
  • Avoid stress by outsourcing your small tasks so you can focus on the critical functions.
  • You don’t need to waste time on admin tasks; instead, focus on your business planning, execution, and decision-making.
  • You can effectively save funds-no staff overheads, visa costs, etc.
  • You don’t need to pay for extra physical space or office equipment.
  • We tailor services to meet your business and professional requirements.

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