12 Filipino Words That Will Make Your Philippines Travel at Ease

The Philippines is one of the best South-East Asian countries that several nationalities are in love. Its geography offers thousands of adventures to backpackers, local and international tourists. This country is an archipelago composed of about 7,640 islands, and it is a megadiverse country. Because of its geographical structure, the Philippines has several ethnic groups.... Continue Reading →

5 Filipinism that I am Proud of

Yes! I am a pure-blooded Filipino. My mother is a full Kapampangan, while my father is a mix of Visayan and Ilocano roots. So, I am a pure-blooded mixed Kapampangan, Visaya, and Ilocano. Since I was born and raised in Pampanga, unfortunately, my native tongue is only Kapampangan and Tagalog. My parents were also born... Continue Reading →

4 Best Ways to Travel amid World’s Pandemic

Traveling is the worst activity you can do today unless it is for essential needs. COVID-19 has turned the table upside-down around the globe. Worldometer’s report last updated: April 30, 2020, 04:41 GMT, the total number of cases globally is 3,220,847! With 228,239 deaths and 1,001,008 recovered cases. WHO keeps on reminding us to wash hands frequently, practice... Continue Reading →

Go Left

I recently visited a theme park in Ilanin Forest East, Subic Bay Freeport Zone and had an experience playing in a garden maze!  It was intense because I was underneath the scorching heat trying to make out of the maze.  My goal is to get out of the maze faster because I was already thirsty,... Continue Reading →

8 Habits of a Responsible Traveler

Everyone can be a traveler but only few can be a ‘Responsible Traveler’.  Since late December 2019 to date, the novel coronavirus has sprawling all over the world rapidly taking thousands of lives!  As of March 16, 2020 situation report of WHO says that there are 150 countries outside China which are afflicted to this... Continue Reading →

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