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Jemima is a monotheistic believer, blogger, a partner of a wonderful chef, and a student of photography. Professionally, she is a virtual assistant. She loves to write her thoughts and share stories of life, faith and experiences. Her ultimate dream is to travel around the world and explore the beautiful art of our Supreme Creator!

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How a Blog Project Started?

The Beginning of my Blog Project…

For the past few years, I want to do something special, reflecting my thoughts and intention to serve as a helpful role to those seeking inspiration, support or advice. In the year 2019, I finally decided to come up with a blog at home project. I started writing about my thoughts, views, experiences, and curiosity about life and openly shared it.

I created 52StirsLounge with a simple purpose of sharing my journey with you and positively “stir” you to keep going and explore the beauty of life. 

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