The Most Beautiful Place I Have Been

Excuse me, my beautiful lounger! A toast to the lovely new year! My previous blog post was quite some time ago. We’ve all been incredibly busy with the holiday rush and let alone our workloads!

As the new year begins, I wish you the best of luck. If not, know that this, too, shall pass. It is best for us to always look forward, explore, and create lovely memories in 2023, despite all the predictable and inescapable struggles.

I love to share with you the most beautiful place I have been to. I spent my formative years in the Philippines and am immensely proud of my heritage. What is more, the Philippines is the most beautiful place I have ever been. I’d rather not be partial right now, so let’s forget about my incredible home country for now.

It’s the Most Beautiful Place I Have Been in Safety.

When traveling, one of the most beautiful and essential things anybody would like to know about the place they are visiting is safety. In today’s world, anything can happen. And safety issues are everywhere. We can see it in the news. Honestly, I can not compare this beautiful place in my home country or any other western country when we talk about safety.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the safest and most aesthetically pleasing place I’ve visited thus far. As a woman, I am vulnerable to any possible prejudice. However, women are perfectly safe in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. I feel safe going for solitary walks, jogs, or strolls at any time of day. Yes, alone and without the fear of being attacked or abused.

Another aspect of Dubai safety I appreciate is that Dubai Police Officers are always present on the grounds and conduct random inspections of suspicious individuals. Security personnel are also visible in communities, ensuring everything is in order.

The United Arab Emirates spends billions on surveillance technologies to keep its nationals, ex-pat, and visitors safe.

The Most Beautiful Place I Have Been
Dubai Marina Walk at Night.

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Dubai, UAE Road Safety.

While my friend and I were chit-chatting on our balcony one quiet night recently, we were startled by the sound of a loud burst and the skidding of a tire. Woah, that caught us off guard! There was smoke and a few automobiles collided after that tremendous noise, there was an accident! While one of them badly hit the barrier in the middle of Sheikh Zayed Road.

The occasional accident is to be expected. Incredibly, they didn’t have to wait more than ten minutes before help arrived in the form of police, paramedics, and a tow truck. The accident scene was removed in another 5 minutes. It took less than an hour to repair the broken barrier. Fixing the traffic as if nothing had happened.

The first response team was quick and precise, avoiding further accidents and giving comfort and safety to travelers and commuters of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dubai, UAE Community Safety.

Another thing that I enjoy and love about Dubai and the UAE safety as a whole is that every community is respectful and minds their own business. You can see social experiments or challenges they do on social media like TikTok. Anybody can leave their belongings like their wallet, phone, or anything that can help you mark a table in a cafe or food court to save a seat.

Nobody care or dares to touch your belongings! You can leave it for an hour or two, and you will see it there, untouched. Unless the security interferes, they will keep it in the lost and found section. In Dubai, your belongings are totally safe.

Also, if you have a home delivery, you are guaranteed that no one will dare to snitch your online shop orders. That’s how safe Dubai is.

The Most Beautiful Place I Have Been
Burj Khalifa at Downtown Dubai, UAE.

Dubai, UAE Health Safety.

Health safety is one of the things I hope and wish my home country prioritize too. Dubai ensures that all the facilities are healthy and safe for its people.

For instance, they always do random checks and follow-ups with restaurants. They want to ensure that hospitality businesses are not there just to make profits. But to guarantee that their services and products, especially food products, are safe to consume.

Another thing you’ll find if you go to Dubai is that restaurants have ratings based on how well they pass food inspections. The grades are displayed on the restaurant wall most of the time. Because getting a solid A, B, or C without major violations is a Herculean task. When restaurants receive a failing grade of D or F, they close for a week until the problem is fixed. And within that time, they must make the necessary adjustments and pay the associated fines. Dubai has strict regulations regarding the cleanliness and safety of restaurants and their food. It’s a beautiful place to eat your favorite cuisines, knowing you are safe.

Dubai, UAE is a Beautiful Place.

I’m ecstatic regarding the facility maintenance of Dubai and the UAE. They always ensure that tourist spots, communities, and residential and business buildings are tidy, smell good, and are safe. 

Of course, not everything is perfect. There are still places that need better maintenance. Still, as soon as you step into any location, you will first notice cleanliness. For instance, you can literally eat inside public toilets! The smell is fragrant and aromatic when you enter any public restroom. After all, cleanliness is equivalent to safety!


Nevertheless, there are challenges as well. The beggars were something I observed and found troubling. It’s not that I don’t want to help; it’s just that I’ve learned not to fall for their begging tricks. In 2016 and the early years, there were no beggars in the UAE. It’s illegal to beg in the UAE. However, today, it’s like a flourishing business.

It’s annoying because they do not look like homeless or hoboes. They look sharp and communicate fluently in English. They will typically tell you that they need money for food and a plane ticket back home. I’ve experienced it thrice in our area – Dubai Marina! Good thing I had already read about them in the news. Therefore I was cautious and politely declined them. The UAE government has been non-stop in taking action to counter this challenge. 

The same goes for bank or passport scams. Given that the UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai are well-known for luxurious lifestyles, many scammers are targetting its locals and ex-pats, even tourists! They will call you on your UAE mobile numbers and inform you about the need to verify your bank details, passport, etc. Don’t fall for this! Respectfully decline and drop the phone call.

Wrapping UP!  

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the most beautiful place I’ve been thus far. The sand dunes are stunning, no doubt about it. Its historic areas in Deira are where you’ll find the city’s most prized landmarks. Also, the skyscrapers in Dubai are breathtaking and aesthetically pleasing.

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai are must-see destinations. You will have a wonderful time discovering new places and learning about one of the beautiful gulf countries in the Middles East.

The Most Beautiful Place I Have Been
I took this on my Dubai-Bahrain flight.

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