Best Way to Maintain LDR

More and more individuals are afraid to enter into a meaningful and intimate relationship today, especially if there’s a distance at stake. Many marriages are torn apart because of LDR Long-Distance Relationships. And yes! I’ll repeat it: marriages. It only shows that formalizing your relationship in paper form is no guarantee of a lasting one—nothing, not even the kids or fond memories.

What right do we have to pass judgment on those who would instead not commit to a relationship?

I am married to a beautiful man who works as a head chef in Dubai, UAE. We were involved in a long-distance relationship. Due to my health conditions, we chose to live separately in 2019. It has been a terrible year for both of us. He worked in Dubai while I was getting medical attention and recuperating in our native Philippines. The year 2020 brought even more trouble when the pandemic slammed us all. Our LDR was, unfortunately, prolonged.

It was challenging for both of us. It needed colossal patience, lasting hard work, and TLCs to keep the connection alive and intimate when we were on long-distance.

Let me tell you our secrets to help you maintain your LDR, so take a seat, put your feet up, and keep reading. Here are our suggestions to keep things sizzling in a long-distance relationship.

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Best Way to Maintain LDR

Best Way to Maintain LDR

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#1. It’s teamwork.

Absolutely, if you want to keep up a real LDR. Teamwork is required. There is a greater chance of failure when there is only one person in a relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic. It needs to be a team effort. As a couple, you should be willing to make sacrifices and commit.

When you say “I do” to your spouse during your wedding, you had better mean it. As partners, teamwork should always be present in your cup of tea.

#2. Managing one’s time.

Time management is crucial in any LDR. You must accept and understand your time variances. For instance, in our situation, the time difference was four hours. So, we both plan our calendars to accommodate one other’s availability. I typically set alarms so I would not miss the time we must devour together, and so was he. Remember that giving love includes devoting your “time.”

#3. Truthfulness is always preferable.

Being truthful to your relationship goes hand in hand with making time for them. You can keep your LDR solid and healthy by communicating openly and honestly about your daily routines and plans. It might be anything from going to work to a party to getting together with friends and family to doing any indoor or outdoor activity. You can better coordinate your time with your partner if you know their routines and movements.

#4. Practicing fidelity.

Let’s be honest: your partner has no idea what you’re up to because you’re both remotes. Humans have an innate desire for emotional and physical intimacy with other people. Not only is there no adequate coverage in LDR for these demands, but there is a huge gap in it. Many tempting things are close to us.

Fidelity covers sex abstinence and denial of desiring anyone save for your relationship. It would immensely help if you worked hard to be faithful to protect your relationship. Both must adhere to fidelity at all costs. Respecting each other’s trust is compulsory in a loving and healthy LDR.

#5. Always be candid.

It’s vital to surprise your significant other constantly. Keeping passion alive in LDR requires you to maintain authenticity and sexual allure. You may keep the romance and intimacy in your relationship alive and well through the exchange of naughty photos, off-the-wall pick-up lines, and other humorous messages. To lift your partner’s spirits and keep them high, showering them with compliments and loving words.

#6. Hang out with the family.

The most noteworthy thing you can do for your long-distance relationship is to get to know your partner’s family. Spending time with their loved ones is essential. During our LDR, I made sure to pay a visit to my in-laws. And my hubby appreciated my commitment to his loved ones very much. 

If you have kids, pay a visit to their grandparents. Let your kids get along well with their cousins by encouraging them to spend time together. Despite an LDR, I have no doubt that such practices would help strengthen your bond with one another. Likewise, your loved ones are always there to support you and your partner through difficult times in your relationship.

#7. Practicing accountability

Accountability refers to your responsibilities and obligations to your children as a partner and parent. To be a father and mother, you must first be a husband and wife. After all, children are a bonus (fruits) from the love you have nurtured together.

Most people would say that being a father and mother comes first because you can leave your partner but not your children.

I’m afraid I have to disagree. It would be best to fulfill your responsibilities as a husband and wife first to satisfy your duties as a father and mother.

It would be easier for the children to respect, love, and look up to their parents if they saw them love each other. Your children must experience how you love and graciously treat their father and mother. And this will have a positive impact on them in the long run. So, I recommend practicing accountability accordingly, especially when you have children.

#8. With God at the center.

Many couples have lost hope and end up in an unhealthy LDR, eventually concluding the relationship to a horrible end. And whether you’re religious or not, God as your centerpiece is a powerful and infinite source of gratification, especially if you are in an intimate relationship.

You may oppose it, but I have witnessed many couples with a strong faith in God make Him their centerpiece last longer. Why? Spiritual growth can help couples meet their moral obligations and make better decisions. They can also forgive themselves and their partners if unbearable mistakes happen during their LDRs.

My Takeaway!

It would be best for you as a couple to have massive time, effort, dedication, and TLC to keep your LDR strong. Having a long-distance relationship is like traveling down a path lined with endless obstacles.

What’s more, the degree of commitment you and your partner are willing to give to the relationship is essential. You can use our list as-is, or it may spark an idea for your next successful swoop. What do you think?

Best Way to Maintain LDR

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