Top 7 Al Seef Dubai Travel Tips

When visiting Dubai, United Arab Emirates, be sure to stop by the historical district of Al Seef Dubai. Dubai Creek is a prime spot for it. The Arabic word seef means “shore” or “coast.” For me, Al Seef Dubai is the epitome of Dubai’s evolution from a quaint ancient town to a regal metropolis.

Al Seef is one of my favorite sites due to its classic beauty. I love the friendliness of the locals, the food served, and the opportunity to shoot a lot of selfies and groupies with instagrammable backdrops!

Let me share my top travel tips for Al Seef Dubai without further ado.

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Top 7 Al Seef Dubai Travel Tips
Beautiful boardwalk at Al Seef, Dubai.

Seven Al Seef Dubai Travel Tips

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#1. Install 2GIS Map.

Google Maps is good, but 2GIS Maps is far better. The fact that 2GIS map can be used offline, it can help you preserve battery life on your mobile device and contains practical information that can help you quickly navigate your way to Al Seef. To download the 2GIS Map, visit here.

I truly appreciate using this app since it is much simpler to navigate than other apps. 2GIS provides helpful information, such as what bus number you should take to your location or even contact details of a company or shop you like to take service from. Suppose I’m not familiar with the area. In that case, I usually whip out my 2GIS app when someone comes up to me to ask for directions, whether they’re local or a tourist. And it doesn’t disappoint.

#2. Dress comfortably.

Dubai summer (June – August) is blistering hot. Therefore it’s practical to wear clothes that would protect you from heat and of breathable. Even during nighttime, the humidity is intense, so make sure you dress comfortably.

Dubai’s winter (November–March) can be brutally cold, but if you dress in layers, you can stay quite cozy and still enjoy the scenery, Al Seef.

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Top 7 Al Seef Dubai Travel Tips
Old steep ladder at Al Seef, Dubai.

#3. Long walks, so only bring a little.

The 2.5 million square foot Al Seef complex along Dubai Creek’s 1.8-kilometer seaboard is split between a heritage region and a zone showcasing contemporary architecture. Long walks are almost guaranteed, so prepare by bringing little gear and donning shoes that will provide maximum comfort. Bring a baby trolly if you plan on bringing one along; it will make your life much easier.

If you plan on doing any shopping, a reusable shopping bag will come in handy for transporting your newfound loot back to your hotel.

#4. A Blue hour to nighttime is best.

The rich history of Dubai is given prominent treatment in Al Seef. Beautiful sandstone and wind tower structures can be found there. Some of the buildings may have been refurbished already, but strolling through its picturesque sikkas and alleys will give you an excellent look into Dubai’s history. And the time between sunset and sunrise, known as the blue hour, is ideal for this.

Further, blue hour is ideal if you like to photograph at sunset to add drama. As a rule, I want to dine indoors, but there are a few restaurants in Al Seef whose al fresco areas have won me over, especially after dusk.

#5. Bring extra juice for your gadgets.

Al Seef is a great place to take Instagram pictures or short videos for TikTok. So make sure to carry a portable battery pack for your phone or DSLR camera. The opportunities for taking stunning photographs are endless. There is no shortage of breathtaking locations that would make ideal settings for your next selfie or group picture.

Pro tip: I strongly advise against bringing and using a tripod, as doing so is prohibited. If you don’t have a permit to carry and use one, you can’t.

#6. Always check their timings.

Stores are typically open from 10 am to 10 pm on Monday to Thursday and from 10 am to 11 pm on Friday to Sunday. While restaurants are available for business from 10 am to 11 pm, Monday to Thursday, and 10 am to 12 am the next day, Friday to Sunday.

In January 2022, the UAE altered its weekend from Friday to Saturday to Saturday to Sunday to align the country’s economy with global markets. Timings may change due to public holidays or events, so I encourage you always double-check their timetables. Indeed, there could be some truly one-of-a-kind events that you’d love to attend.

You can visit the Al Seef website for more info.

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Top 7 Al Seef Dubai Travel Tips
Antiquated pots at Al Seef, Dubai.

#7. Respect begets respect.

If there’s one thing I tell my co-travelers and myself to do, it’s to treat everyone and everything with respect. There may be long wait times at Starbucks and other service providers in Al Seef because of the high volume of tourists who frequent the district. Cafe and restaurant workers can get tired from serving a steady stream of customers, so it’s best to cut them some slack if they mess up your order. 

No matter how it goes, it’s a good idea to support the neighborhood businesses by picking up some local souvenirs and throwing some cash their way in the form of tips. The workers in Al Seef would much appreciate your generous purchases and tips.

In a similar vein, everyone should take turns posing for photos. There are always going to be people waiting in line at well-known tourist attractions so they can snap a picture worthy of a travel magazine. The real challenge is keeping a positive attitude and fighting off the urge to snap while waiting in line. Always wear your beautiful smile.

Wrapping Up at Al Seef, Dubai

When you’re in Dubai, you must go to Al Seef. It will satisfy your wandering curiosity. Get out there and try authentic Emirati food and other delicious international delicacies to expand your palate. Take advantage of RTA’s 2-Dirham boat ride special. Browse the shops and marvel at the exquisite handcrafts on display. Relax and revel in the past at Al Seef. It’s a historic site that offers a glimpse into the past and a sense of serenity and joy. Happy and safe travels, lounger!

Top 7 Al Seef Dubai Travel Tips
Beautiful handcrafts at Al Seef, Dubai.

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