Prayer is good, but a Helping Hand is much better.

Prayer, without a doubt, is a powerful tool that allows anyone to communicate with our Lord God. It is a true blessing given to humanity. Because of prayer, we have direct access to our Lord God. We are free to tell Him what is inside our minds and hearts.

Without a doubt, prayer is the most valuable gift we can give to others. It is a freely given gift to someone in need, especially if we wish them all the best in life.

Is prayer, however, sufficient?

The story of the Good Samaritan revealed how action could be a critical response to others, notably those in need. Each of us had experienced the cruelty of life at some point. And the difficulty quickly escalates if no one extends a helping hand.

Therefore, while a prayer is helpful, I think a helping hand is exceptional.


Don’t stop praying for others; instead, keep going. Because prayer is an obligation, we need to make it in service to our Lord God. Along with your prayers, extend your helping hand, especially to those in need. Have a graceful initiative to help.

Your helping hand is beyond support. It can be monetary or non-monetary. It can be a phone call to check on someone or as simple as a warm, felt smile. Or perhaps by lending your full attention and ears to listen. Your helping hand can make a significant difference in someone’s life! It is the answer to their prayers.

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Prayer is good, but a Helping Hand is much better -
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