52 Life Lessons and Takeaways from 2021

There are only five months left in the year 2021. So, it’s a great time to reflect and look back. Life is always difficult and unfair, but it inspires and motivates us to hope and look forward. Especially today, we are still navigating our way out of the global pandemic.

Many of us thought and hoped that the year 2021 could be better than the year 2020. But, based on my experience and what is currently happening around the world as a result of the pandemic, the year 2021 is absolutely one of the most devastating and horrific years in human history!

On a personal note, my hubby and I welcomed 2021 acquiring and fighting against COVID-19. Today, despite being fully vaccinated, we are still anxious about the virus at some point because of the new delta variant. We also think about our loved ones back home in the Philippines because most of our family members, particularly our parents, aren’t vaccinated yet.

Some wealthy countries, such as the United States, are experiencing a resurgence due to the delta variant, as are other European countries. Also, some developing countries, like India and Indonesia, have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic because of the same delta variant. Plus, there are many ups and downs in politics, the economy, business, education, climate change, and other personal struggles too!

52 Life Lessons and Takeaways from 2021

52 Life Lessons of Year 2021 - 52stirs.com
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Fortunately, despite the difficulties and challenges we face on a daily basis, the year wasn’t all that bad! So, looking at the beautiful spectrum of life, we have rich life lessons and takeaways from our experiences in 2021. So, let’s get right to it!

  1. Your overall health comes above all. It means including your mental, emotional, and spiritual health too!
  2. The value of rest – sleeping.
  3. The value of practicing gratitude.
  4. The importance of “bayanihan spirit” (helping each other).
  5. Investing our money wisely.
  6. Change is the only permanent in this world.
  7. The importance of digital transformation.
  8. Normal doesn’t exist because of change. Therefore, we must learn how to adapt.
  9. We must keep our surroundings clean.
  10. Associating ourselves with people who can help us genuinely grow.
  11. The practice of openness and tolerance.
  12. We must unite due to a good cause for everyone instead of self-interest.
  13. Becoming more mindful of how to spend our time.
  14. Still, actions speak louder than words.
  15. Don’t lie to yourself.
  16. Clarity and accountability are a must.
  17. Constant complaints and grievances would not make you better nor help you.
  18. The importance of being relevant.
  19. The absolute danger of misinformation and disinformation.
  20. The power of determination and perseverance.
  21. Take time to pause.
  22. Don’t trust anyone but respect everyone.
  23. Compassion and understanding are essential.
  24. The power of authenticity – being true to yourself and others.
  25. Treasure your relationships – family, friends, and others.
  26. Commit only when you can.
  27. Nishimura told HuffPost Canada, “Growth has to be uncomfortable.”
  28. Pets are great office colleagues.
  29. Religious festivities will not save you from danger.
  30. Faith brings hope, but we need to work hard too.
  31. Be happy and enjoy what you have because life is short.
  32. Respect nature and all living things, big and small.
  33. Celebrate others’ success.
  34. Support local and small businesses.
  35. Make good use of technology.
  36. Importance of multiple money streams.
  37. Save.
  38. Continue to explore and educate yourself.
  39. The practice of self-love, self-care.
  40. Think of others’ safety too!
  41. Practice empathy. You never know what they are going through.
  42. Stop talking, start listening.
  43. When you see an opportunity to assist, offer it.
  44. Don’t hesitate to help the needy.
  45. Do not downplay scientific data.
  46. Make time to reflect.
  47. Read and learn about history.
  48. We must not take our world for granted.
  49. Learn how to stop fearing because fear is mostly an illusion.
  50. Failure is good.
  51. Anger doesn’t give you value.
  52. Kindness matters!

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To Conclude

Remember that these life lessons and takeaways are powerful pieces of wisdom, knowledge, insight, or self-awareness that we use to better ourselves, our relationships, and our life in general. 

I hope you can and will use these 52 life lessons and takeaways from 2021 to guide your decision-making and achieve your goals, big and small. Have a great day, Lounger!

52 Life Lessons and Takeaways from 2021 - 52StirsLounge
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