30 Things You Should Get Rid of Right Now

Some things and habits can help us grow or keep us stuck and off track. For example, I’m a big believer in practicing self-assessment because assessing ourselves now and then can warrant good progress and balance as a person. I also believe in the necessity of criticism because criticism can help us better understand what things and habits we need to improve ourselves or whatnot.

A quote says, “for you to fly, you must remove the things that weigh you down.” So, I gathered these thirty things you should get rid of right now to keep positive progress: in school, at work, in your community, your relationship, personality, etc.

Critical Thirty Things You Should Get Rid of Right Now

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  1. Grudges and hate.
  2. Excuses.
  3. The idea of “perfect a life”.
  4. Toxic relationships – e.g. friends, partner, associates
  5. Unused clothing for over six months. Better to donate them.
  6. Concerns about what others think of you.
  7. A job you absolutely hate.
  8. Comparing yourself to others.
  9. The anger and guilt of a previous event.
  10. Gossips.
  11. Clutter in your home.
  12. Overspending on things you do not need and do not give value.
  13. Jealousy.
  14. Expectations that are unrealistic.
  15. Your insecurities and worries.
  16. Failing to care for your mental health.
  17. Failing to care for your spirituality.
  18. Failing to care for your physical health.
  19. Fear of being a failure.
  20. Your ego and pride.
  21. People who take you for granted.
  22. Worrying on the things you can’t control or change.
  23. Doing your best to make everyone happy.
  24. Overindulging in inappropriate behaviors.
  25. Lazy habits and procrastination.
  26. Negative mindset.
  27. Failing to conduct background checks.
  28. Assuming great things to happen.
  29. Not delegating.
  30. Micromanaging.

These are just some of the several things and habits that I believe are most important to get rid of now. I understand that we cannot remove all of these overnight, but gradually getting rid of these things in your system is a great start!

That’s all there is to it, Lounger! I hope the list has given you some ideas for self-evaluation and what to get rid of right away. Personal growth is crucial, and it saves time. If you get rid of the unimportant things and focus on the things that will help you grow, you will achieve your goals in a much shorter period. Cheers to your success!

30 Things You Should Get Rid of Right Now - 52StirsLounge
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