5 Awesome Self-Cares to Fight Anxiety

Let’s be realistic. Every now and then, despite maintaining a positive outlook, we are still experiencing anxiety attacks. Especially today, we are still navigating our way out through the pandemic.

I think this is absolutely normal. We are humans, and we have emotions, so there are times that anxiety will attack us. Every day we are facing different challenges along our way. The question is, how can we go back on track as fast as we can? How can we instantly switch on our positive outlook amidst challenges, pains, and other hardships we are dealing with?

Let me share these five awesome self-cares to fight anxiety so you can quickly rejuvenate and get back on track.

To Fight Anxiety: Keep in Mind these Five Awesome Self-Cares

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#1. Acceptance

Anxiety enjoys evoking the very worst scenario. So, remember Murphy’s law says that anything that can go wrong will go wrong (eventually). If we know or feel that there could be something wrong, we should accept the worst possibility. Why? There are two significant reasons:

  • So your mind and emotions will start to process things.
  • Once your mind and emotions reach their adjustment, you will be able to think about responding to whatever causes your anxiety positively.

#2. Speak

Most often than not, we tend to keep the anxiety within ourselves. We are afraid of being judged or getting rejected because of what we feel. Such a situation makes it more difficult for us to fight anxiety. So, better to speak. Always have the courage to communicate. There are many ways to communicate. And, all you must do is to find a suitable medium where you are comfortable with.

Some of us talk to our friends or loved ones to get the comfort they need. Some find meditation as their language to communicate with their inner selves. In my case, I love to write about my feelings and things that make me uncomfortable. Some go to the gym, or perhaps a therapist can help.

Again, there are many types of languages you can use as your comfort medium to speak up.

#3. Assurance

Assurance is synonymous with affirmation. It’s okay to feel bad, especially if the situation requires you to undergo negative emotions. Now, assure yourself that you’ll be okay soon! Because that’s the truth. For example, if we commit a mistake, it’s not the end of the world. 

  • You’re strong and beautiful.
  • You’re a man of wisdom.
  • You’re a woman of passion.
  • You’re a human full of hope and love.

#4. Mindfulness

To fight anxiety, you need to live in the present. Focus on the current, and always be on the present. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, so it’s called a present. So, soothe yourself, and always remember that the essential point is now-today.

#5. Routine

Keep in mind that anxiety succeeds in uncertainty and chaos. So, figure out and think what works best for you. A healthy routine that will help you in managing your day daily.

For example, create a to-do list that will make you more productive every day rather than being idle and trigger anxiety. You can create the best schedule for you and follow it strictly.

A good friend of mine currently works in a hospital. One of her routines is to come at least 30-40 minutes early at work, so she has ample time to settle down before starting her job. She usually grabs her coffee to have a great kick-starter. And she told me she doesn’t want to cram or find herself late and then cramming to work. Or else it will trigger anxiety. I couldn’t agree more with her on this matter! So, find and build your best routine.

To Conclude

Every day could be a challenge. As a working student, working adult, working parents, homemaker, etc. Every day we face difficulties that trigger anxiety. And when anxiety knocks at your doorstep, remember these five awesome self-cares to fight anxiety.

  • Acceptance
  • Speak
  • Assurance
  • Mindfulness
  • Routine

I hope you have an awesome day! Let me know how you fight your anxiety. I’d love to hear from you.

5 Awesome Self-Cares to Fight Anxiety - 52StirsLounge
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