5 Things that You Will Love in Dubai

What comes into your mind when you hear the place Dubai?

The Middle East? Islam? Arab world? Desert? Camels? Burj Khalifa? Luxury? Money? Highly expensive? Women in full black robes?

Honestly, at first, I didn’t want to move to Dubai. Because I am afraid of what it could bring to me, it’s an entirely different world from the world I am comfortable with within my home country – the Philippines. Different cultures, food, people, how will I communicate without disrespect, etc. But my partner is working and currently based in Dubai, so I had to encourage myself to accept Dubai to be with him – my love life! 

Days, months, years have passed, and little by little, I feel that I became part of this beautiful, diversified, and tolerant place – Dubai. And this has inspired me to blog and share with you my experience. I am confident that you will love Dubai too!

Five Things that You Will Love in Dubai

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#1. Dubai’s Security and Safety

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a whole are one of the safest countries in the world. The UAE came in ninth place overall on the Law and Order Index, after Austria, Switzerland, and Singapore. The UAE came in second in the region.

It has beautiful teamwork of the authorities and their people. Dubai has various government regulations that safeguard everyone! Its government invested in multiple sectors that would warrant security and safety. At the same time, most people are cooperative and respectful of these rules.

For example, you will always see police officers roaming around to ensure protection and order in public places. In addition, authorities always make random checkups on various companies to ensure they follow policies and provide a secured and safe working environment to their employees. 

All business and residential buildings have working fire detectors and alarms! Hubby and I were preparing our dinner one night. Our kitchen was covered with smoke because of a silly mistake, so our building receptionist came fast into our apartment, knocking on our front door. He said he received an alarm and a call from the Fire department that there’s a possible fire in our apartment. Yes! That’s how fast they are responding.

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5 Things that You Will Love in Dubai - 52StirsLounge
Dubai Police Officers Riding Police Horses, Paintings in Al Seef Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Bridge Waterfall 

Another example is leaving your bike unattended in the park is okay because no one will rob it. If your wallet got lost, there’s a high possibility of finding it intact – meaning people will not get any money or important cards from it. You can even leave your laptop and other devices in a café while going to the washroom. No one will dare to creep on them. Women can walk alone in the street during nighttime without fear!

Dubai promotes and is serious about security and safety.

#2. Dubai’s commitment to Convenience

You will love the convenience that Dubai offers. I’m grateful for the delivery services it has, especially today. We are still navigating our way out of the pandemic. Salute to all delivery guys, from food service, groceries, medical, laundry, almost everything can be delivered in front of your doorstep for free!

You will love the convenience of paying by card, smartphone, or smartwatch. The tap system in payment is fantastic! Everything is fast. Even the internet and mobile data are fast.

You will love the convenience of using public toilets! Toilets are scented, have water bidets, clean trash bins, soaps, paper towels, tissues, and cleaners. The moment you step out of the toilet cabin, someone will clean it right away! Salute to all cleaners, especially this time of the pandemic.

You will love the Convenience of its public transportation. The metro is a state-of-the-art transportation technology. Taxis, buses, and water ferries are well maintained, safe, and promote convenience in traveling. The way of paying for rides is by NOL cards. OH, not to mention its airports! Convenience at its best.

#3. Dubai’s Culture in Discipline

Dubai’s culture in discipline is straightforward. Follow the law, and you are free. However, deviating from the law regardless of your intentions or reasons, you will be sanctioned based on the gravity you committed. Its culture in discipline is the fundamental reason people are well-behaved while enjoying their freedom in Dubai.

#4. Dubai’s Diversity 

Although Dubai is an Islamic place and has Sharia Law, the diversity of its culture and traditions are fascinating. Moreover, given that Dubai is a central hub for business globally and relaxation and paradise for global tourists, its government has beautifully managed to balance its diversified people.

#5. Dubai’s Practice of Tolerance

Despite being an Islamic emirate, Dubai has welcomed many religions and supported people of different faiths, allowing them to practice their religious services.

Apart from Islam, other religions in the UAE include Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. In addition, Jainism, Judaism, and different beliefs are practiced by a small portion of the population.

There are four notable Christian churches in Dubai: St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Emirates Baptist Church International, Pentecostal Church, and The United Christian Church Of Dubai.

The year 2019 was declared as the Year of Tolerance in the UAE. The UAE intends to promote its approach to becoming a bridge of communication between individuals of many cultures in a respectful environment that rejects extremism and encourages acceptance.

It’s so inspiring how, despite our differences, we should respect and embrace one another!

In My Opinion

If you haven’t been convinced how you will love Dubai with those five things I love the most, well come here and visit! I’m sure you will enjoy the bonuses too– beautiful gigantic buildings, huge shopping malls, 3 to 7 stars international hotels, beautiful beaches, state-of-the-art landmarks like the Dubai Frame, Tolerance Bridge, At the Top, and many more.

Kidding aside, I consider Dubai as my second home now. The fact that it is the place where my hubby and I stepped out of our comfort zone and had a chance to live our life to the fullest, the experience it brings to us is priceless. We meet people of different backgrounds and different nationalities and learn from them. It’s an incredible feeling to have a home when you are not home!

5 Things that You Will Love in Dubai - 52StirsLounge
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