8 Habits To Keep After Vaccinated

Have you taken at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine? Were you able to complete your jabs? The question now is, what’s next? It was my question too! Therefore, I would love to discuss and share with you my eight habits I keep after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

But, before that, why do we need to keep these habits? As per Dr. Katherine O’Brien in a WHO discussion, “We don’t know yet how long immunity lasts from the vaccines that we have at hand right now.” (Read/Watch the full episode here). In my opinion, given that all the available vaccines are still on trial and studies, it’s better to be on the safe side. 

Eight Habits To Keep After Vaccinated Against COVID-19

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#1. Wearing Mask in Public

Wearing a mask in public, indoors and outdoors, is still essential for our safety. As fully vaccinated citizens, we still have the chance to acquire the coronavirus. According to medical experts, so-called breakthrough cases – cases where fully vaccinated individuals test positive for coronavirus – are possible.  Some verified news from my home country – the Philippines, that OFWs that were fully vaccinated still acquired the deadly virus. (See the News Tagalog, News English).

If there’s a possibility of acquiring the virus, there is still the possibility of transmitting the virus to others. So transmitting the virus to others is what we are preventing to happen. We don’t want to transfer COVID-19 to non-vaccinated people—especially those who have comorbidities.

There are countries or places that already ease the requirement of wearing a mask, but make sure to have a face mask in hand. And wear them if necessary. Getting our vaccines is only one process to solve the whole equation.

I admire the leaders of the United Arab Emirates on this face mask mandate. The UAE is one of the top countries that have large numbers of vaccinated people. Yet, they still require everyone to wear a mask once you step out of your home regardless if you are vaccinated or whatnot to maintain public safety. I also admire the locals, residents, and tourists; they comply with the rule without complaints.

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#2. Social Distancing in Public

Like wearing a mask in public, I still practice social distancing, especially when I’m out in public. For instance, when shopping at the grocery store or visiting the mall, even when watching movies in the cinema.

I’m one of the luckiest because I currently live in a country that has worked hard and working well in addressing this pandemic. The UAE government managed the coronavirus in its country, allowing its locals, residents, and tourists to freely go outdoors as long as they abide by strict health protocols mandated.

Most of the people in the UAE recognized the importance of these protocols. So they do practice them as much as they can, even if most of us are vaccinated.

#3. Staying Home

Our mobility can tremendously impact the spread of the coronavirus. Although I’m already fully vaccinated, I still choose to stay home as much as I can. I only go out for essentials. And during Sundays, which is my partner’s only day-off of the week. Normally, we get grocery stuff for the whole week in the morning and probably go out for a dinner date at night if we don’t have any specific plan.

I’m grateful that I work as a freelance virtual assistant, thus making my life easier. So, I’m not required to go out to travel for work since my workplace is at home. 

Of course, not all of us can work from home despite some dreams of working from home. Many business sectors need our physical presence and or face-to-face business transactions. Like FNB, Manufacturing, Shops in Malls, etc. which is perfectly fine. Just don’t forget to practice other safety protocols. Otherwise, it’s better to stay at home.

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#4. Practicing Good Hand Hygiene

Frankly, with or without the COVID-19 pandemic, practicing good hand hygiene is vital. Imagine the surfaces we touch daily, things we hold and put in our hands. Washing of our hands can have a great impact on our health overall.

#5. Maintaining Clean Surroundings  

Maintaining clean surroundings is important either the situation too. Living in a clean home, clean community, clean town, and so on is a great feeling. On the other hand, clutter is a stress trigger. Therefore, we should maintain cleanliness since it can also improve our health overall.

#6. Eating Healthy

Eating healthy as much as possible is one of my advocacies, especially that I’m a COVID-19 survivor and I have some health challenges. Like I mentioned earlier, most vaccines are for emergency use as of the moment and are still on tremendous studies. In addition, vaccines have side effects; hence to ensure our body is ready, we must consume healthy foods.

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#7. Campaigning Positive Outlook

We can’t deny the fact that COVID-19 vaccines have possible dangers. And, unfortunately, leaders of different countries, big or small, are still struggling to contain the spread of the virus for many reasons. 

But the fact that most of the Pharm companies and governments globally are concerned, they are doing the best possible ways for all of us. We are lucky enough that today, we have tremendous advancement in technology, making all these vaccines available quickly compared to the Spanish Flu era.

Always see the good in everything. It may be hard, but everything has a reason behind it. So we must go and campaign for a positive outlook about vaccines. If there’s hesitancy, speak to your doctor. They will surely guide you in what is necessary.

#8. Campaigning to Join the Fight Against COVID-19

Vaccinated or not, it’s our responsibility to be part of the solution locally and globally. In our simple ways, we can contribute highly to the fight against COVID-19. All these safety health protocols are already in hand, and after more than a year of being resilient, this is not the time to slack and put our guards down.

To Conclude

I’m humbled to invite you to our fight against COVID-19. Let’s extend our helping hands to health workers, frontliners, our government, working tirelessly from the start of this pandemic up-to-date. They can’t do it alone. They need us. They need our commitment.

Keep these eight habits after receiving your COVID-19 vaccines. Wear a mask, keep a safe distance, stay home, practice good hand hygiene, maintain cleanliness, eat healthily, always have a positive outlook, and join the fight again COVID-19!

Appreciate your time reading this blog post! Stay safe and healthy, Lounger!

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  1. i couldn’t agree more on this. we need to help each other. following safety protocols when in public wouldn’t hurt us rather can help each and everyone of us in this time of crisis.

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