How Safe is the COVID-19 Vaccine?

As of this writing, the world’s headline about COVID-19 is overwhelming in India. A news article reported that India posted a record daily rise in coronavirus cases of 386,452 on Friday, while deaths from Covid-19 jumped by 3,498 over the last 24 hours, according to health ministry data.

The report alone is proof that COVID-19 is not ready to stop at this point. We are about to face the direst health crisis we could meet in the 21st century! But we can turn the table around.

I believe that TOGETHER, we can fight and turn this direst experience into a better one. But the million-dollar question is how? Even science at this point is still rushing to know the secret compound to cure the deadly disease. Modern medical science is researching and studying the vaccines we all have to combat the continuous mutation of COVID-19.

It’s a real hectic and chaotic situation. But, I believe that TOGETHER we can turn this around by simply DOING OUR PART as citizens. As humans with heart and soul!

In this blog post, let me share with you my experience with the COVID-19 vaccine. 

How Safe is COVID-19 Vaccine?

Many are skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccine because it is still under research, and we are like human guinea pigs, some say. For instance, in my home country-Philippines, a news article reported that 6 in 10 Filipinos don’t want to get vaccinated against COVID-19! 84% of the correspondence of the survey questioned its safety, and most of them wanted a branded vaccine.

We cannot blame them because perhaps they have traumatic experiences with medicines and vaccines. Maybe they don’t trust vaccines made in China or Russia since they are known as communist countries. Or perhaps they don’t trust or believe any vaccine can give them protection against COVID-19. There could be many reasons!

But on the other hand, the best way we can stop this is to trust medical science, get vaccinated, and continue practicing safety health protocols until globally we attained herd immunity.

My Experience during COVID-19 Vaccination

Honestly, I was skeptical and nervous about getting my COVID-19 vaccine. Especially I have health conditions like adenomyosis. I’m afraid of getting any severe adverse reaction. I understand that any medicine or vaccines have side effects, so I thought, what if I’m the luckiest one in the millions who get the severe adverse reaction?

I was afraid.

Now, on the other hand, I don’t want to get the deadly illness again. In January 2021, I acquired COVID-19, and it was an overwhelming, exhausting, and terrible experience I had.

Helpful Reads: FAQs about Adenomyosis, Life with Adenomyosis, The Practical Guide to Fight Coronavirus

To overcome the fear, I continue to follow news from our home country and global report that advises us about COVID-19 and its vaccines. It got to the point that I already experience COVID-19 fatigue, but this didn’t stop me. I want to know what I can do to help in this global fight. I love to see us back to normal. Normal when there’s no COVID-19.

One of the best videos I watched that explained in the most straightforward manner why we should take the vaccine is when Dr. Anthony Fauci shared the latest about vaccines on the program Good Morning America.

Three things are apparent in this video: (1) Vaccines are safe, (2) Practice health protocols, and (3) even after you had COVID-19, it’s best to get vaccinated.

My First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

I’m grateful because, as an ex-pat living in the UAE, I’m privileged to get my free COVID-19 vaccine. So, we went to the Mall of Emirates COVID-19 vaccine center, and in less than 5 minutes, the COVID-19 vaccine was administered.

Before getting my first jab, I read and signed a statement saying I understand all the pros and cons. They made sure that I don’t have any of the following:

  • Previous hospitalization/ICU admission due to COVID-19 infection (I waited three months to get vaccinated since I had COVID-19)
  • Had previous severe allergic reactions to vaccination
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy or other progressive neurological disorders
  • Diagnosed with uncontrolled autoimmune diseases
  • Has a history of coagulopathy or thrombocytopenia (1) receiving immunotherapy or inhibitor therapy or treatment that could suppress my immune defenses within three months
  • Received any vaccine within the last 14 days or less than one month
  • Severe uncontrolled cardiovascular disease

I was cleared of all the above. For women like me, it was informed that the following are essential too:

  • Not currently pregnant during the vaccination
  • Lactating mother is her baby’s age is less than six months
  • After taking the COVID-19 vaccine, you should avoid being pregnant during the upcoming three months

Everything went well. I didn’t experience any adverse side effects. The only complaint I can think of is my arm was painful, which is entirely understandable. It took 3-4 days to cure the pain naturally. Everything was normal.

The vaccine I got was SARs-COV2-Vaccine Vero Cell inactivated (Sinopharm). And yes, Sinopharm is a Chinese state-owned enterprise. Learn more about other vaccines’ status as of the 23rd of April 2021 HERE.

My Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

My second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was on the 25th of April 2021. It’s the same brand Sinopharm. We went to World Trade Center Dubai COVID-19 vaccination center and again signed the same statement for safety protocols.

Typically before they administer the injection of the COVID-19 vaccine, they will check your BP status. At that time, mine was soaring high, over 189, maybe because I was so tired during the day because it took us more than 6 hours in the waiting line. They checked again, and it went down, so I had my second jab.

It was quick, and again, I was thankful that I had no adverse side effects. Five days have already passed, and everything seemed normal. I experienced pain in the arm where I got my injection and a nape ache. That’s all it.

How Safe is COVID-19 Vaccine? -

My Takeaway

How safe is the COVID-19 vaccine? Based on my experience, it’s SAFE. Now, getting vaccinated is not the end of our battle against COVID-19. It’s only part of the process. We must commit to being responsible and avoid being self-centered when making decisions. We must also think and care about others.

I took the vaccine because I want to protect not only myself but the people around me. I don’t want to be a contributor to the problem. I took the courage to face my fears and hesitations because I love to see us back to normal. Normal when there’s no COVID-19.

I wrote this blog to encourage each and everyone to consider this when making their decision. We need to help each other attain our common goal – to get back on track within our community, country, and globally.

Consult your doctor now, and ask them the questions that strain you in taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Be relevant and take only validated information from trusted websites, personalities, and authorities. Do a background check. 

Together we can turn this around. Get vaccinated. Now, if you are already vaccinated, my heartful; thank you! Stay safe and healthy, Lounger!

Learn more about COVID-19 Vaccines updates here!

How Safe is COVID-19 Vaccine? -
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