Monday, 29 March Verse

Holy Monday, 29 March Verse

John 13:31When he [Judas] was gone, Jesus said, “Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified in him.”

Reflection for Holy Monday, 29 March Verse

John 13:31 is a beautiful illustration of how vigorous Jesus’ honesty and obedience is to our God Almighty. Jesus is the chosen one and has the highest authority among us, but he continues to practice humility, truthfulness, and faithful by glorifying our God Almighty!

There are a couple of times that I boosted for whatever reason to fulfill my indulgence. Instead of bragging about worldly things, I could’ve used my time, energy, and effort in glorifying our God Almighty. How? By obeying His commandments!

Let’s continue to stay humble in the eye of our God Almighty. Let’s continue to strive even harder to be part of His community. Let’s be God’s living testimony of His glorious love and mercy to the world.

Our Prayer

Lord God, please listen and lend Your ears and heart to Your children. We praise Your holy Name, and we thank You for your love and mercy to us. Lord God, we thank you every day. You allow us to renew ourselves. Please give us Your guidance through the Holy Spirit so we can be Your advocates. In Jesus, name Amen!

Blessed Holy Monday, Lounger!

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