The Supremacy of Silence

Silence (noun) is the complete absence of sound. Silence (verb) is caused to become silent, being quiet or prevent from speaking. Those are just the basic definition of silence, but more resounding silence has much more to offer. For some, silence means pain. It’s painful to talk about matters that have broken them. For some, silence implies time. It’s better to keep quiet and let the time tells the story. For some, silence is sound. People who go through rough times, such as depression, hear the loudness of silence because of detachment from reality and society. These are just a few!

But on the other hand, I learned that silence is a powerful tool for many things such as relationships, the workplace, personal strives, and communication. Let me share with you five powers of silence that will give you insight into a different prospect.

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The Supremacy of Silence

Silence helps you discover your Soul’s Wisdom.

Through silence, you will have time to meditate, contemplate, and a chance to read good books such as the Gospels, Scriptures. In silence, you will have the opportunity to be closer to our Almighty God by listening to His Voice through your heart. You will have the chance to ponder and evaluate yourself to become a better person.

Silence teaches you the Value of Words.

Less is more, as the saying goes. Silence will teach you when to talk, how to talk, and what to talk about. You will have a good habit of talking about things with values only. It will teach you to speak with words that give life, kindness and softness to your heart and others.

Silence teaches How to Listen and be Compassionate.

Many life coach speakers, scholars, religious leaders teach us how to be critical to others, treat them with love and so on. But silence is wiser! It will let you recognize how to respect, understand, and help others with compassion, humility, and love.

Silence will help you find Peace.

When in a heated argument or conversation, we tend to be more aggressive, and we even manage to shout to be heard and shut off the other party. But the more we cry and the more we are hostile, the more distance we are creating. But with silence, it will help you excels all understanding. It will give you more peace and even good health and well-being instead of dealing with someone with resentment.

Silence will make you Sophisticated.

People around you will recognize the importance of your opinion, belief, and judgments. They will respect you because they know that you value your words and are not into non-sense. They will see you as a keen-observer and will be intimidated to do wrong against you.


Silence is undoubtedly supreme. It will limit us from engaging in violence. It can teach us life lessons that we can’t find in chaos and loudness. Silence can direct us to improve our values and amity to others.

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

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