51 Random Acts of Kindness to Practice

We always advise our friends to stay calm, keep it light, and always smile. But the question is, what do we do to help them and others do such?

Dennis Prager, an American journalist, said, ” Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.”

What a beautiful statement! It reminds us that in a nutshell, how we treat other people makes our character’s good. So, I gathered sweet yet straightforward random acts of kindness to practice. Let’s dig into them. Make everyone happy, and let’s spread the love! Shall we?

Fifty-One Random Acts of Kindness to Practice

  1. Give silly yet sweet compliments!
  2. Lend your ears when they talk.
  3. Give a little post-it note.
  4. Smile at someone!
  5. Appreciate and say ‘Thank you!’
  6. Make a little surprise to someone.
  7. Invite someone for a coffee or tea!
  8. Give a fist bump!
  9. Stop and lend a hand.
  10. Give a tip!
  11. Spread some beauty by giving off flowers or crafted gifts.
  12. Send kind greetings to the troops for serving our country.
  13. Send thank you greetings to frontliners serving amid pandemic.
  14. When in line, let someone go in front of you.
  15. Give your seat to a stranger.
  16. Clean up in the community.
  17. Give an act of service to siblings, family members as a surprise.
  18. Go shopping for someone else.
  19. Be kind to yourself! You deserve a treat too!
  20. Randomly reach out to others-especially to your old friends or office mates.
  21. Get to know your colleague and have a conversation.
  22. Stop negative assumptions if someone is unkind.
  23. Write a check and give it out to a worthy charity institution.
  24. Say ‘I Love You.’
  25. If your capacity allows you, share a few dollars when someone comes up short in the check-out line.
  26. Donate blood.
  27. Babysit a friend or relative who needs Me-Time.
  28. Praise your co-worker! Please give them kudos on LinkedIn.
  29. Play with kids.
  30. If you’re a musician, sing a song for someone.
  31. Help your younger sibling completing a project.
  32. Do you know a great company that is hiring? Spread the news!
  33. Always tell the truth, even if it’s hard because that’s what friends do.
  34. Take a cute photo of someone you love and send them in the mail.
  35. Invite for a home-cooked lunch or dinner group date.
  36. Encourage someone who is feeling down.
  37. Donate the usable stuff you don’t use.
  38. Give someone the benefit of the doubt.
  39. Everyone is important. Learn the names of your building security or receptionist.
  40. Offer a ride, especially to those who don’t have a car and need to go to the hospital.
  41. Give someone a positive note!
  42. Call up your elders! Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hi Granny, Hi Grandpa, Hi Uncle, Hi Aunt!
  43. Give way to other drivers.
  44. Offer to photograph tourists.
  45. Allow someone to help you.
  46. Plant a tree!
  47. Don’t litter! Observe CLAYGO – Clean As You Go.
  48. Support your friends who have a small business by liking, sharing, and commenting on their social media posts and updates.
  49. Sit and ask seniors about their past. Listen to their stories.
  50. Give an excellent rating to local shops online.
  51. Be kind to animals.

My Takeaway!

My ultimate favorites are giving compliments, giving a tip (especially today, delivery guys are always ready to deliver our essentials and other orders during this time of pandemic), practicing CLAYGO, supporting my choice of charity, and being kind to myself, especially when making silly mistakes professionally or personally.

Random acts of kindness are powerful means of boosting one other’s wellbeing. It also allows us to be free from isolation, selfishness, and self-obsession. Act of kindness brings us together and promotes positive vibes around us. It helps us connect and nurture a healthier relationship with one another. Act of kindness fosters empathy.

The exciting part is, it releases a happy hormone called oxytocin that helps modulate social interactions and emotion — the higher your oxytocin levels, the more generous you may be.

Random Acts of Kindness to Practice via 52Stirs.com
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