Why I’m a Virtual Assistant Today?

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Giving up is not an option. I strongly believe in this statement. In the year 2018, I had to halt my day job because of my health concerns. Happily, I was able to get back on track! But because of COVID-19, it was difficult for everyone to get a decent day job, including me. 

When I’m recovering from my health, I created a home blog project as part of my calling. Everything was new to me, but I am having fun learning new things! And I met like-minded people who are inspiring, sharing their thoughts and bits of advice to newbies like me. It was then I realized that I could also be a superstar virtual assistant!

Fast forward; I did become a Virtual Assistant! Now, I’m on a journey of heading becoming a full-bonafide Virtual Assistant. And let me share with you why I’m a Virtual Assistant today.

Top Three Reasons Why I’m a Virtual Assistant Today

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#1. Autonomously Working Privileged

Virtual Assistant is similar to what regular Admin Assistants or Office Managers do. The unique contrast is that tasks are done and completed remotely. There’s no need for physical presence within an office, and a Virtual Assistant works autonomously from their own fully-equipped remote office.

It’s like you are your own boss! You can coordinate remotely about the project, understand your part in the project and the things you need to do, and then freely complete the tasks given. If there’s any clarity necessary, again, you can coordinate and collaborate with the team remotely.

At first, I thought it was difficult because there are no physical interactions with your superior or clients, but I realized the conveniences of working as a Virtual Assistant. And one of these is having the authority and power to make decisions and the freedom to act according to the required project.

#2. Work-Life Balance

When we talk about work-life balance, this is something crucial to one’s professional and personal life. Work-Life balance is the equilibrium of your persona at work and off-work. Having the right balance of professional and personal life will give you the leverage to restore physical, mental, or even spiritual exhaustion. Learn the Ten Reasons Why Work-Life Balance Is Important (2020 Edition) HERE.

As a woman, I want to be financially independent and continuously grow professionally. On the other hand, as a wife, I also want to build and maintain a healthy relationship with my husband. As part of the society and community, I also have social needs that will help me grow in different personal aspects and many more. 

My position as a Virtual Assistant allows me to manage my professional workloads versus personal activities efficiently. Achieving the work-life balance I dreamed of.

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#3. Continuous Innovation & Professional Growth while in the comfort of your home.

Remember the saying, “there’s only one constant in this world-change.” With that being said, professionally and personally, education should be continual, regardless of how young or old you are. 

Innovation to adapt to change and compete with the race is crucial. Professional growth helps you to leverage and boost your ideas and creativity. And Yes! All these can also be done while in the comfort of your home! How awesome is that?

Quick example! Many big well-known companies turned to remote work due to the impact of COVID-19 globally. Even small companies were able to innovate and transform ingeniously! It’s incredible to witness our environment changing, including businesses and professionals!

Yes! I’m happy to be a Virtual Assistant, enjoying new ways to fulfill business, interact and meet new brilliant professionals, and share and gain awesome ideas while in the comfort of our home!

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But let me remind you that being a Virtual Assistant is not easy as it may sound. It takes courage, patience, honesty, and hard work too. It’s not about having fancy work remotely, but it’s a matter of taking pride and dignity in the work you do. It’s a passion and a strong commitment.

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