9 Fun Reasons to Visit Global Village

Great Saturday, Lounger! Today’s blog is about one of the most stunning seasonal theme park in Dubai, UAE – Global Village.

Global Village is located along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. The night gorgeous theme park is typically open from October to April, which is the best time to visit the United Arab Emirates in general. The theme park starts accepting visitors at 4’oclock in the afternoon to 1 in the morning the next day. Monday is Family and Ladies day.

I love Global village’s concept of bringing the people worldwide together through easy travel, media, electronic communications and become one unified community. Enjoying each other’s culture and discovering new food to taste, people to meet, and experience togetherness.

Global Village entrance fee is only 15AED (4USD) per person.

There are various amenities inside the theme park, which caters for shows and events, pavilions and selfie spots, dining, Carnival, and the famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not section. What is more, I’m excited to share with you are my nine fun reasons to visit Global Village when in Dubai!

9 Fun Reasons to Visit Global Village

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1. Introduction of different countries and cultures

Global Village features different countries and their cultures. 20+ country pavilions are beautifully designed according to their countries’ represent. Each of these has cultural stages that feature activities signifying the country’s culture. There are food stands and souvenir shops too that vibes with the theme. The countries include Afghanistan, Bahrain, Africa, China, Egypt, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Jordan, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Lebanon, Oman, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Palestine, Singapore, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Yemen, and Vietnam.

Visiting each pavilion will give you the feeling of seeing each of the country itself!

2. Learn about different cuisines and food galore

A must visit place for ‘foodies’ like me! The fun and adventure of tasting different cuisines are exciting. You’ll get to taste the variety of spices, herbs and see various techniques in cooking! Most of the food stalls will cook your food upon order. You can watch them while preparing and cooking your food. 

20+ countries mean much to discover food! Here are some of the tasty snacks and meals I love:

  • Indian’s Panipuri
  • Yemen & Lebanese Beef & Chicken Shawarma
  • Buttered corn cob
  • Afghan’s kabab!
  • Southeast Asian Seafood at the Floating Market (one of the special concepts)

3. Fantastic Rides

Of course! The theme park won’t be complete without the Carnival, which caters to the heart-pumping rides. They have mild, moderate, and max thrill level rides!

Mild – kids can ride on these:

  • California Highway
  • Mexican Balloons
  • Texas Track
  • Spania Boat
  • Beijing Bungee
  • Holland Wind Wheel
  • Swiss Swing
  • Seven Sea Pirate
  • Arabian Horses
  • Bahrain Merhana
  • Vroom UAE

Moderate Rides (Family Types):

  • Tokyo Twist
  • Caribbean Ship
  • Amazon Boats
  • Wheel of the World
  • Miami Surf
  • Roaming Rome
  • Mumbai Xpress
  • Cuban Dance
  • Thai Twist
  • Transylvania Towers
  • Sydney Kangaroo
  • London Loop
Courtesy of Global Village UAE

Max Thrill Level – for adventure and adrenaline rush seekers!

  • Honolo-Loop
  • Manila Mayhem
  • Moscow Max
  • Jamaica Drum
  • Athens Slingshot
  • Shang High
  • Fly France
  • Global Burj

Various fun rides according to your thrill preference!

4. Variety of games to win big cute prizes

I see most peers and teen groups win gigantic stuff toys while experiencing challenging games. As if they intend to visit the park to play these different kinds of challenge games and arcades.

5. Diversity of people

Meet and greet a variety of nationalities. In 2019 before the pandemic has halted most of the travel and vacation plans of most, Dubai has received 16M+ visitors worldwide. Can you imagine how many nationalities visits the theme park? 

6. Watch different night shows according to your interests

Every year, they have different kinds of shows lined up for everyone. The highlights of their shows are Green planet, Urban Crew Flash Mob, Auto Angels, and Mission Speed. And other exciting performances to watch are Bollywood Flash Mob, Bollywood Workshop, Cultural and Music shows, and more.

7. Shopping galore

If you are into weird, fun, miniature souvenirs, Global Village will not fail you. There are various souvenirs and collectibles you can choose from. There are boutiques and shop stalls that sell clothing, bags, shoes, kitchen wares, beddings, candies, accessories, and more! The prices are friendly.

8. Enjoy the sceneries and lighting designs

If you’re the type of person who enjoys photography, walking, and observing the environment, then it’s a brilliant place to visit. The Global Village has stunning eye-popping architectural and cultural designs. Its gorgeousness starts during blue hour til night due to its lights.  

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9. Great place to do selfies and groupies

Its stunning pavilions are best for selfies and groupies. The most visited pavilions are Egypt, Japan (my personal favorite), the Americas, and Morroco.

Here are some reminders you need to keep in mind when visiting Global Village:

  • You need to dress modestly, no shorts are allowed, and your clothing must be appropriate for rides in the Carnival if you will opt to ride. 
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • If you are a couple, avoid public display of affection.
  • The following are not allowed: segways, scooters, bicycles, hoverboards, skateboards, roller skates.
  • You need a permit if you Film.
  • You can bring your food, especially for small kids and babies.


I hope I was able to ignite your curiosity and give justice to why you must visit Global Village when in Dubai. I’ve been there twice and have plans to come back to enjoy the food and to chill and relax. If you wish to experience most of it, better be there by 4 in the afternoon because it’s a huge theme park to roam around. And to catch the blue hour for great selfies and photographs!

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