Sunday Verse – John 15:13

John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this that someone lay down his life for his friends.

February the love month! The scriptures reminded us that intimate love is not only for the opposite sex but also with our dear friends! We can express our love to our friends by being loyal and trustworthy to them. The passage says that ‘someone lay down his life for his friends‘ is a greater love! Does this mean you must take a bullet for a friend? Or choose death to be with your friends? 

Well, it means loving a friend is a lifetime commitment. Probably taking a bullet is outrageous but come to think of it. Let’s look at the fallen front-liners that paid the price to take good care of their patients who acquired COVID-19. Probably you will argue that it’s their job. Right, you are correct. They loved their job, and they did social services that only a few can wield. My point is, what more if these are your friends?

Yes! Let’s continue to adore and love our dear friends. It’s a lifetime commitment to be there for them, even at a far distance. Let’s take time to say hi and catch up with them even virtually. They will surely appreciate the time we give for them, especially this month of love – February!

Have a blessed Sunday, Lounger!

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