6 Types of Trustworthy Employees

“No man is an island,” the old cliché goes. I completely agree. At some point, you need a person by your side to support you, cheer you up, guide you, and basically befriends you. A genuine person that you acknowledge that they got your back. Today, it isn’t easy to trust someone, especially if you already went through a turbulent experience professionally or personally. Dishonesty can be a great obstruction for you to trust a person and get along with them.

But, there are still trustworthy people out there that can help you fix this kind of social stress and stigma. But who are these people? How do you know them? In my experience, let me share the six types of creative employees to engage with at your workplace. They are certainly precious jewels to keep with.

6 Types of Trustworthy Employees

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1. Listener

Most of us want to speak and voice our opinions. We want to be heard and to be understood. Everyone is excited to brag about what they have achieved, to tell us their stories of sadness and happiness, how they can grow their business, how they can purchase an expensive car at a young age, how they do about their life, pretty much about everything; however, no one is ready to listen.

When I say ‘listen,’ it literally means to shut a mouth and pay attention to someone talking and communicating with you. If you find someone who does listen, then this person is as good as a precious gem. He is obviously giving you “time and respect” to understand and connect with you. Be with someone who knows how to listen to your heart.

2. Straight-to-the-Point Speaker

I understand that sometimes we need to sugar coat something when explaining to show empathy to others. However, it is always best to be with a straight-to-the-point speaker rather than who goes beating around the bush. Mostly, straight forward speakers are informative, concise, and honest. If they said ‘Yes,’ it means yes. If they said ‘No,’ it means no. You will easily understand what they want and do not want. There’s no hiding and pretending. If they criticize you, it means they want you to improve – plain and simple.

3. Team Player

At work, there’s always a team. It means it’s everyone’s effort. A team player knows how to complete his given tasks on or before deadlines to help his co-workers and company achieve goals. It’s easy to claim that someone is a team player, but it does say the opposite if you check their actions. A team player is someone who respects time, respects his co-worker’s work, and has the initiative to do something even if it is not assigned to him nor on his job description. A team player is always ready to help others without recognition or exchange of favors.

4. Resourceful Person

It is also advisable to be with someone who can find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties without complaining or bragging. You will learn from him how to practice quick judgment and be creative rather than with someone who whines a lot at work. A resourceful person sees an obstacle as an opportunity to overcome a challenge and support others.

5. Organized Person

It’s best to be with someone who is organized because such people are goal-oriented, optimistic, diligent, and knows how to handle priorities. You will learn from them how to properly handle loads of work and deal with time management. Keeping work organized allows workers to focus on different projects without getting mixed-up or lost, thus increasing efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

6. Joyful Person

It’s a wonderful feeling to be with someone who is light-spirited. A joyful person knows how to accept bad news in the worst-case scenario. He does not feel afraid of criticism but uses this as a stepping stone to improve himself. He is calm and patient and knows how to push himself to complete a project rather than depending on others.

My Takeaway

Yes, it’s pleasant to have friends at work. Especially we spend almost half of our 24-hours at work making our workplace as our second home. At the end of the day, you decide with whom you will associate yourself. Keep in mind that it’s wise to set your boundaries and be with co-workers who can improve your skills and personality in the long run. Lastly, we must not forget to reciprocate. In the end, you can also be that one creative and trustworthy to others.

“We need to make sure we’re all working together to change mindsets, to change attitudes, and to fight against the bad habits that we have as a society.” – Justin Trudeau

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