6 Types of Trustworthy Employees

The old proverb goes, “No man is an island.” I wholeheartedly agree. You need someone by your side at some point to support you, cheer you up, guide you, and basically befriend you even at work. A genuine person who you recognize as having your back.

However, it is difficult to trust someone today, especially if you have already been through a difficult experience. Dishonesty can be a major hindrance to trusting and getting along with someone. I, too, experienced this at work, and I was so disappointed. I even felt betrayed.

Even so, there are still trustworthy employees out there who can help you overcome this type of social stress and stigma. But who are these individuals? How did you come to know them? Writing from my experience, here are the six types of trustworthy employees to engage with at your workplace. They are unquestionably valuable jewels to keep.

Who Are These Six Trustworthy Employees?

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1. Listener

Most of us want to speak up and express our thoughts. We wish to be heard and understood. Everyone is excited to brag. We all want to share stories about what we accomplished, how we do about our life, and pretty much everything. But, no one is ready to listen.

To listen to someone means paying full attention to what someone is saying. To listen to someone means having a connection while in communication.

An employee who actually listens is as valuable as a precious gem. They clearly give you time and respect to understand and connect with you. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a colleague who actually listens to and cares about what you have to say.

2. Straight-to-the-Point Speaker

I understand that we sometimes need to sugarcoat something to show empathy to others. But, it’s better to associate yourself with an employee who is a straight-to-the-point speaker.

Straightforward speakers are usually informative, concise, and honest. If they said ‘yes,’ it means they agreed. If they said ‘no,’ it means no. You’ll quickly figure out what they want and don’t want. There is no hiding and pretending. If they criticize you, it means they want you to improve – plain and simple.

3. Team Player

There is always a team at work. It denotes that everyone’s contribution is required. A team player understands how to complete assigned tasks on or before deadlines. They assist their colleagues, and the company achieves its objectives.

It is simple to assert that one is a team player. However, proving it is difficult. A team player is an employee who values their colleagues’ time and takes the initiative to do something even if it is not assigned to them. A team player is always willing to assist others without being recognized or exchanging favors.

4. Resourceful Person

It’s a good idea to work with an employee who can find quick and clever solutions to problems without complaining or bragging. You will learn to make quick yet better decisions and become more creative. A resourceful employee sees a challenge as an opportunity to overcome it and help others.

5. Organized Person

It is preferable to work with organized employees because they are goal-oriented, optimistic, diligent, and understand managing priorities. They will lead you to properly manage workloads and have good time management. Keeping work organized allows employees to focus on different projects without becoming confused or disoriented, increasing workplace efficiency and productivity.

6. Joyful Person

It’s a great feeling to be with an employee who is upbeat and joyful. In the worst-case scenario, a joyful person knows how to accept bad news. They are not afraid of criticism and view it as a springboard to better themselves. They are patient and calm, and they understand how to push themselves to complete a project rather than relying on others.

To Wrap Up!

It’s always nice to have colleagues to talk to and become friends with. After all, we spend nearly half of our waking hours at work, making it our second home. At the end of the day, you get to choose who you want to associate with.

Keep in mind that it’s important to set boundaries and surround yourself with employees who can help you improve your skills and personality in the long run. Finally, we must remember to reciprocate. Become a trustworthy employee that helps improve others.

“We need to make sure we’re all working together to change mindsets, to change attitudes, and to fight against the bad habits that we have as a society.” – Justin Trudeau

6 Types of Trustworthy Employees - 52StirsLounge
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