6 Top Activities to do in Dubai Marina

One of the majestic and glamorous residential districts in Dubai, UAE, is Dubai Marina. It is the home of The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence. It has a mall packed with luxurious chain shops – Dubai Marina Mall. Dubai Marina is also home to several excellent choice restaurants.

Here are the Six Top Activities to do in Dubai Marina:

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#1. Beach activities like swimming, sunbathing, jet-skiing, banana boat, etc.

My personal favorite! You can visit The Beach at JBR and explore the leisure complex with alfresco dining and sandy ranges to relax on. You may also rent a jet ski for skiing. If you prefer to take advantage of the sun rays, you can freely sunbathe and play at the ocean shoreline.

Take note, there’s no need to pay an entrance fee at the beach, but you need to buy a token (5 AED per 2 minutes) if you want to take a shower after swimming. You can also bring your pre-cooked food if you like to do a beach picnic or snacks. But be mindful of waste because securities strictly implement rules and guidelines to keep the area safe and clean for all. 

#2. Exploring Marina Walk and Photography

Exploring Dubai Marina and photography is my other favorite! People can do so much especially following the stretch of Marina Walk. Every morning you will see people exercising here. They do jogging, biking and kids are out with their guardians for morning walks too. There are several shops where you can window shop, dine, or buy some souvenirs or collectibles at night.

Along with your exploration and walks, if you love taking pictures, this is a perfect place. The scenery in Dubai Marina is astonishing! The architecture and structures of the building are eye-popping. RIB boats and yachts are there in the lake. You can find every subject you would prefer in Dubai Marina and capture them with your camera. Streets, portraits, food, people, etc., especially at night, they are beautiful!

You can also find some stunning mosques like Mohammad Bin Ahmed Al Mulla mosque.

#3. Food tripping

Food brings togetherness! Day and night, you will find open-air and fancy restaurants of different cuisines. Some of the best restaurants are Massimo’s Italian Restaurant, Sloane’s, Brasserie 2.0, Pier 7, and Bussola.

If you love or want to try Arabic cuisines, you can visit Abd El Wahab, Bazerkan Lebanese Restaurant, or Al Khaima. If you prefer Indian cooking, you can visit Zafran Indian Bistro, Indego by Vineet, or Memory Lane Restaurant.

#4. Shisha

Aside from food tripping, you can also have a shisha session with your friends or family. Shisha has pros and cons. Shisha is an alternative to cigarettes, helps you relax, and has a cleaner scent. Here are some of the best shisha places in Dubai Marina:

  • Marbaiya Restaurant & Cafe, Dubai Marina Walk
  • Smoky Beach
  • City Port Cafe
  • Coco Lounge
  • Stefano’s
  • Caffiology

#5. Skydiving

Skydiving is on my Wishlist!

The famous Skydive Dubai is the skydiving center in Dubai. It offers tandem parachuting along with photos & video, plus gyrocopter tours. Find their prices here.

#6. Yacht rental

If you feel luxurious and want to relax while embracing the ocean breeze and riding the waves, you can do a yacht rental together with your loved one, family, or friends. Here are some of the best yacht rentals in Dubai Marina.

  • Gold’s Yacht
  • Nanje Yachts
  • Xtreme Yacht Rental Dubai
  • Xclusive Yachts Rental Dubai

Note: This blog is NOT paid or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. The aim is to share some of the best restaurants and places tourists might want to visit, try, and explore. If you prefer to remove your brands, please contact us, and we’ll do the needful.


Dubai Marina is an excellent place to visit as a tourist. It has many things to offer. Above are just some of the few activities I prefer which I would love you to experience. Before all, this. The neighborhood has a diverse culture and nationalities. You will meet beautiful faces and personalities. People are welcoming, and they will greet you with warm smiles!

6 Top Activities to do in Dubai Marina - 52StirsLounge
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