3 Ultimate Ways to Save Money in Traveling

Every day is a bit of a challenge. We think about how we go ahead with the day with better resolves. All these plans and thinking give us tension and stress no matter what perspective we look into. And it is normal. Once in a while, it’s fun to escape and chase your dreams by going outside. Traveling and exploring things that are new to you. Traveling can give you refreshments from distress!

Now this, when we say travel, no matter what, it means money! Many advise us to keep aside a few bucks every payday for travel, but most of us can’t or are not consistent because of other priorities. Aside from saving aside money for your dream travel vacation, here are three ways to save money in traveling! Let’s dig into them.

My Three Ways to Save Money in Traveling

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#1. Learn about your travel destination.

To ultimately save money in traveling, you need to learn about your travel destination. This is fundamental because you will know how much money you may need to spend and for emergencies if you know about your travel destination. 

Is it local or travel abroad? Have you been there? Do you know someone there? Are you aware of the weather or seasons? When are you planning to visit? Who’s with you? What is the currency? Do shops accept cards or bills? These are some of the few questions you need to answer for you to budget your money correctly.

Tips on how to research your travel destinations by:

  • Visiting the place’s official website.
  • Reading reviews in TripAdvisor.
  • Reading about local and or international news about your destination.
  • Watching video reviews from YouTube.
  • Reading blogger’s stories, experiences, and reviews about your destination.
  • Watching documentary films or tv shows.
  • You can also ask ex-pats or someone you know who has been there.
  • Checking the exchange rates.
  • Reading Magazines about your travel destination.

Researching about your travel destination will give you the information you need like the foods, accommodations, modes of transportations, events, shops, healthcare, local or international requirements (especially today, we are still navigating our way out of the pandemic). All these factors can impact your money.

#2. Learn about your accommodation and transport options.

When we travel, a chunk of our budget most likely will go to the accommodation alongside the transport (airfare, land transports, etc.). Accommodation and transport are the two major money-savers or spenders. 

Do not be lazy or procrastinate your research. Plan ahead. Save money when traveling by learning about your accommodation and transport options.

Tips for researching about in finding the best accommodation and transport options:

  1. The use of google map or offline maps like 2gis. You will see all accommodations’ reviews, rates, and their distances on the tourist spots in your travel destination. You will also have the options to see what modes of transport are best.
  2. Modes of payments. Some accommodations don’t accept bills, only cards or vice-versa. Same with transport too! For instance, in Dubai, the primary transportation is the metro service; hence they use NOL cards, not cash.
  3. Learn about promo offers. Some bloggers or vloggers who review inns, hotels, and other accommodation usually have promo codes they give to their readers and viewers.

#3. Plan a budget and execute it well as much as possible.

Planning will save you time, effort, and money in traveling. And if you plan, execute it as much as possible. It means do not deviate from it. For example, do not be an impulsive buyer of souvenirs or meals. Buy souvenirs and meals according to your budgeted plan. Well, yes! I admit it’s my problem too!

An article I read provided these steps on how you can plan a budget for your travel destination and save money:

  1. Know your big-ticket items, e.g., airfare, accommodations
  2. Estimate your expenses for meals, transportation, accommodations, souvenirs, tips
  3. Include expenses on visas, travel and health insurances, vaccinations, and other local and international requirements
  4. Identify your priorities, e.g., activities like tickets for amusement park rides, museum tickets, skydiving experience, etc.
  5. Start saving early as much as possible. Yes! Set aside a few bucks.

Other tips to save money when traveling

  • Avoid expensive souvenirs. I usually pick fridge magnets because they are cheap and handy. Let your fridge be the storyteller of your travel destinations!
  • Avoid fancy restaurants as much as you can; instead, try street foods or local vendor food carts. Doing so, you will get to know a lot about your travel and the people of your destination.
  • When deciding about your accommodation, pick those you are nearby tourist spots so you can easily walk and enjoy street sceneries.
  • Regarding accommodation, you may also pick one that provides free breakfast or lunch.
  • Find a local driver that can drive you around for a whole day at a fixed rate.

My Takeaway.

Yes! In three ways, you can positively save money in traveling. 

  1. Learn about your travel destination.
  2. Learn about your accommodation and transport options.
  3. Plan a budget and execute it well as much as possible.

But, it’s in your full control. You’re the driver and navigator of your budget and travel destination, thus having the power over it instead of controlling you. There are times that even if you plan or budget ahead, problems still occur or unexpected expenses still occur. If that happens, relax, be calm, and focus on the positive experience. Traveling is full of fun and adventure! Go ahead and pick your destination, and start doing your assignments! This is best with your love partner, best friend, or even as a solo traveler. Traveling will help you discover yourself! A priceless experience.

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  1. My favorite of all of these ideas is avoiding the fancy restaurants. I think you’re SO right. Almost all of the best food I’ve had has been from local joints or vendors when traveling and it is never the most expensive. It’s so fun to immerse yourself in the environment and save money while you’re at it. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Hi! I love this post, it really reminds (or informs) travellers of the tiny things they can do to save BIG on travel! I look forward to reading more of your content! -Amy


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