Life with Adenomyosis

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Ten months ago, I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis. It is a woman’s health condition that involves the uterus. Adenomyosis occurs when the uterus tissue breaks through the wall of the uterus and grows. Back then, I was nervous and afraid. I’m not sure how to manage it or what to do, and what’s for me in the future. Until today, little by little, I can cope with Adenomyosis and learn how to live a life with it. 

If you are one of the women diagnosed with adenomyosis, I can feel you. Being afraid and worrying about such a terrible health problem is normal and acceptable. Therefore, I’m sharing my experiences, intending to make you comfortable, aware of adenomyosis and give you ideas that can help you keep up with it.

My Life with Adenomyosis

As soon as I found out that I have adenomyosis, I started researching and observing my body. It’s a painful and challenging process because there are things that I love to do or eat, but I have to stop or make some changes. Let’s dig into them! ⚡️

Life with Adenomyosis -
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Extra careful in food intakes

Our eating habits affect our bodies tremendously. Our body reacts accordingly – what we do, what we eat, even what we think. Therefore, I became extra careful in my food intake. I learned that Adenomyosis is a lifelong inflammatory disorder accompanied by dysfunction of the uterine immune reactivity. So, I started avoiding food that can trigger inflammation in my body and started eating produce that is a natural anti-inflammatory and can reduce inflammation.

Foods that are natural anti-inflammatory:

  • Berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
  • Fish – Salmon, sardines, mackerel
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado
  • Peppers
  • Fungi or mushrooms
  • Grapes
  • Turmeric
  • Extra virgin oil
  • Tomatoes

Food that can trigger inflammation thus better to avoid or lessen intake:

  • Junk foods – I cried on this because I love Mcdonald’s, Jollibee, and other fast-food chains.
  • Trans fat – I am now diligently reading food labels.
  • Processed meat – avoid canned meat, beef jerky, hot dogs, and bacon as much as we can
  • Fried foods – French fries, donuts, fried chicken, avoid as much as we can
  • Sugary beverages – soda, sports drinks, sweetened iced tea again avoid these as much as we can
  • Refined carbohydrates – white bread, pasta, white rice, crackers, flour tortillas, biscuits

Bad and continued periods

I’m always experiencing bad and continued periods (it is one of the indications of having adenomyosis). Pro-longed monthly periods can be a life-threatening situation because of possible too much blood loss. If not managed properly, it can lead to chronic anemia. Don’t be afraid, and speak to your doctor. Your doctor will let you know what needs to be done. In my case, I was prescribed to take a pill for a year; hence for six months and counting, I do not have a monthly period to prevent this.

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A regular visit to OB-gyne

A regular visit to OB-gyne is a must for me. It allows me to discuss my body’s changes with my doctor, and what I feel about it, and having a physical test is vital. Also, at least a year or bi-annual pap smear is recommended, especially if you are sexually active. Doctor’s check-ups and other lab tests will give you an idea of your health status to keep up.

Prone to inflammatory diseases (pelvic, cervix)

Adenomyosis is like a twin-sister of inflammatory disease. So, again, I became more careful with my food. I’m also mindful of what activities I’m doing and practicing to avoid being stressed. Unhealthy eating habits and activities can trigger stress, and anxieties and lead to a low immune system triggering the body’s bad reactions – inflammations.

Painkillers mefenamic acid & reducing bleeding tranexamic acid

I was prescribed to take tranexamic acid during my heavy periods to reduce and or stop the bleeding. However, today, since I do not have periods, I don’t need to worry about this. But, usually, such medicines are prescribed. What I have is a painkiller – mefenamic acid. However, I only take this if I feel troublesome and have unmanageable pain during my periods. Again, lucky me, since I do not have monthly periods, I don’t experience dysmenorrhea for now.

No heavy lifting

I have to ensure that there’s no heavy lifting in my activities. For example, when I do our laundry, it will take to 3-4 batches to avoid heavy lifting of washed clothes. I’m happy I have my hubby supporting me during our home’s general cleaning, even during shopping.

Room temperature drinking water

I started to drink warm or room temperature drinking water even when summer. I usually love drinking iced cold water, but I am now avoiding it except when it is necessary. Water alone is a significant natural element that we must take into our bodies. Room temperature drinking water can help us jump-start digesting after a delicious meal. Warmer water can also increase overall body temperature which is beneficial.

Restrained sex life

As a married woman in the mid-’30s, this is a real problem for me. Adenomyosis and HPV lead to painful vaginal intercourse. Now, it’s difficult for me to naturally express myself and love to my life partner because of these health conditions when it comes to bed. I know it’s awkward, and men cannot understand the pain. The feeling is frustrating because I don’t want to disappoint my hubby; instead, I want to please him. Sadly, adenomyosis and HPV are restraining us in our intimate moments.

Open communication with your partner is necessary. You can try using lube or speak with your doctor to learn techniques to prevent pain when having vaginal intercourse.

Having an enlarged and tender uterus

Physically, I’m petite, but I have a noticeable lower abdomen. I have an anteverted uterus with thick endometrium (I think because of adenomyosis). Plus, if I’m gaining weight, it starts from my tummy. Some women aim to have a perfect sexy body. My experience with adenomyosis has taught me one thing – acceptance. I learned to accept my body in and out. Understanding your body is vital. Besides, we are all different. We are all lovely and beautiful in different ways.

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Light exercises

I’m doing light exercises like walking, stretching, and basic yoga. At times, my hubby and I go swimming. I’m happy that Jumeirah beach is around 5-10 minutes away from our home. I also get the chance to sunbathe and embrace natural sunshine vitamins – D1, D2, and D3. Boosting the immune system and physical fitness can help us manage adenomyosis. 

Keeping a diary

I have to keep track of my progress, both positive and negative, to understand my body well. It is best to keep a diary – what medicines, pills are you taking, dates and time, your monthly period’s start and end date, and even tiny details that can help you, especially when visiting your doctor.

Hormonal pills

I’m currently taking hormonal pills continuously to prevent having a monthly period. My objective at this point is to prevent tissues from growing into my uterus wall. If there’s no bleeding, tissues won’t have the chance to break through to the uterus wall and grow there. Also, I won’t experience chronic abdominal or pelvic pains. 

Possible Infertility

Infertility is an added frustrating and extraordinary problem. I honestly don’t know what to expect still. My hubby and I haven’t had a chance to get pregnant in our more than five years of marriage. One of our dreams is to have a beautiful and complete family that includes are own-biological child. But, at this point, we have a massive wall to climb in achieving such a dream.

It requires an enormous amount of time and money. My Ob-gyne has told me that I should only stop taking my hormonal pills if we want to get pregnant, plus we must acquire guidance from fertility experts. The number of needed tests for me and my hubby is overwhelmingly expensive, not including the possible medicines, supplements, and procedures. Let’s see what’s next. You’re such a blessed woman if you already have a kid at this point. Take care of yourself, so you will be able to take care of your beautiful kid. You deserve each other!

Silence is heaven

I’m not sure if it’s only my age since I’m starting to get gray or just because of my physical and health needs. Silence is heaven for me, especially when after a long day. Meditating for at least 15-minutes whenever I can is like winning a lottery ticket!

Every time I shut off my mind and heart from the world, I feel rejuvenated. I forget having adenomyosis, HPV, and all other things about my health. I feel new and ready to fight again. My advice, yes! Find and create time to meditate and embrace silence once in a while. 

Hugs, lots of hugs

I think this is something of psychological therapy! Hugs, a lot of hugs from our loved ones and friends can make a difference. I’m blessed and happy that I have my hubby doing this for me. Whenever I feel down or anxious about my body, a simple hug from him can cool me off. It wasn’t easy ten months ago because we are in an LDR relationship. I was in our home country, the Philippines, while he in the United Arab Emirates due to his work. Thank God we are now together despite the challenges we faced due to the covid-19 crisis.

My Takeaway

A woman is so complex inside-out. If you’re a woman like me, it’s okay to feel anxious and afraid at times because of the body changes and health problems we experience, like adenomyosis. You are not alone! We are here, women supporting women. An acceptance and a positive perspective are vital. Adding up the willingness to change bad routines and unhealthy practices can help you cope in battling and managing adenomyosis or any other illnesses. You can do it! We can do it!

If you’re a man, thank you for spending time understanding women’s health. It’s a significant relief to your partner, mother, or sister. Having a special woman in your life with adenomyosis is not easy. It’s a lifetime commitment and a challenging lifestyle. Please continue to be patient and supportive. We thank you with massive gratitude in our hearts.

Life with Adenomyosis -
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  1. I’ve never heard of this and I appreciate you sharing your story. My sister has been struggling with ovarian cysts and I know the idea of infertility scares her and left her feeling betrayed by her own body. She’s finally reached a place of acceptance. I love the positive advice you offer despite all the cons. I wish you the best of health! 🙂

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