10 Actionable New Year Resolutions for 2021

Despite all the unprecedented challenges we faced and continue facing this year, 2020, we are all still excited and looking forward to a brighter year – 2021. The new year is a few nights of sleep away; hence it’s practical for us to list down actionable resolutions that we can practice and maintain throughout our lives. Yearly resolutions help us to be a better person. We become more relevant and better community contributors when we plan, execute, and fulfill whatever resolutions we opt to. 

Without further ado, let’s dig into our ten actionable new year resolutions for 2021.

10 Actionable New Year Resolutions for 2021

#1. Take less Alcohol

If you are one of those who love drinking, I think it’s time for you to take less alcohol this coming year, 2021, and beyond. Drinking alcohol may have benefits, too; however, constantly drinking alcohol is something we must reconsider. Drinking alcohol can lead to unwanted addiction or inappropriate discussion, leading to unhealthy relationships with others. 

Tip: Drink more water instead and other healthy fluids like fresh fruit juices.

#2. Plan all Your Doctor’s visits for the year

Our health is our best wealth. Planning and scheduling your doctor’s visit or at least taking physical tests are essential. Get your 2021 planner and plot your schedules. For ladies like me, we must take at least twice a year pap smear test, especially if you’re sexually active. For ladies and gents, at least twice a year CBC tests, urinalysis, and chest x-ray tests can be done to keep track of any possible problems that need our attention.

Note: It doesn’t mean you look healthy outside; you are already healthy on the inside. 

#3. Be a Plant Owner

Most of us wanted new gadgets. Can you believe that, as it turns out, despite covid-19 this year gadgets are still hot? Yes, we buy gadgets a lot. Considering virtual learning. But, next year, I would suggest being a plant owner and take a break from devices.

We don’t need to build a massive garden outside our home. We can own indoor or outdoor small plants. You can also grow some edible plants in your flat or your mini garden. Owning some plants can boost the air quality at home, help reduce stress, and make us eco-productive.

#4. Join a Volunteer club

Being a volunteer is a great way to help our community. There are many ways and types to be a volunteer. You can simply think about your interest and based on your capabilities and principles in life. For example, if you love animals and can afford to feed and shelter them, you can adopt or be a foster parent of some furry baby pets that are longing for a home for a long time.

#5. Give Quality Time for Yourself

Always find and give quality time for yourself. If you consistently miss this year then, make sure you got your back in the year 2021. Self-love means self-care. For us to care for others, we must know how to take good care of ourselves first. Read some twenty-two self-care tips which you can choose from and practice.

#6. Keep off Clutters

Clutters and old pieces of stuff were my weakness too. The idea of “let me keep this because I may use it in the future” has enabled me to be a clutter protector. However, I realized, having such an attitude and mindset doesn’t bring any benefits at all. Having files of things will simply clutter and mess up your home and space. We must get rid of things that aren’t useful or no longer or will not be used in the next three months or so. If the items are still usable, better to donate them or sell them in a garage sale. The idea here is to keep your home and surrounding clean and clutter-free for a healthier and peaceful mind.

#7. Explore a New Hobby

Let’s be honest, watching, and binging so much on Netflix is not a hobby. Wasting so much time scrolling up and down your social media accounts is not a hobby. Get yourself a leisure time that is productive and promotes self-growth, happiness, and gives you self-worth. What’s your interest? What makes you truly happy? What do you want to achieve? Are you an indoor or an outdoor person? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to help you find a new hobby.

For example, if you’re into arts, you can do adult coloring, photography, or painting. If you love crafts, you can learn to do DIYs, sewing, or crochets. If you love writing, you can start a blog just like what I did a year ago. Explore a new hobby.

#8. Stop working after working hours

I recently met one of my previous colleagues and I consider this person as a mentor. He told me that one of his new working principles is to stop answering work phone calls after working hours especially if the contact number is unknown or not listed in his list. He explained that conversations over the phone during off working hours always leads to unnecessary commitments, stress, and compromises. Totally true! It’s okay to have crunch times at work due to business needs however, constantly working after working hours is abuse to yourself.

Working after working hours is not multitasking, and it’s unhealthy physically, emotionally, and socially. Resolute to better time management at work and stop working after working hours. 

Useful Read: 8 Habits of a Happy Employee

#9. Pick for eco-friendly alternatives

Climate change and global warming are a real deal. There are many debates and discussions about climate change and global warming however the idea here is to be more respectful and responsible to our environment. Change is inevitable but change can be more reliable and sustainable. One small change we can do as our new year resolution for the year 2021 is to pick eco-friendly alternatives. For instance, take reusable bags when traveling or when getting some groceries. Patronize products from a manufacturer or sellers or companies who promote and practice eco-friendly methods in terms of their produce. No one will take good care of our environments more than us.

#10. Sendoff Handwritten Letters

I’m personally adding this to my resolutions list for the year 2021. Yes! It’s old-fashioned but classically thoughtful. Today, because of state-of-the-art technologies, we’re only a few clicks away in all things. Communication, shopping, eating, paying bills, etc. Almost every transaction including sending holiday cards and letters can be done virtually. Why send a letter when you can simply tag an ecard to your social media channels with your friends, right?

Before I fly to Dubai this year, I checked my things and to see what items I can bring. To my surprise, after a few years, again, I saw the handwritten letters which my friends have given to me when we’re in high school. Almost 2 decades ago! I read them and it brought back happy memories. Those handwritten letters cannot beat the joy they bring compared to an electronic letter or post. I can see their genuine personality and messages from their handwriting. It’s funny when I had to re-read because of the handwriting. Imagine the joy you can bring to your loved ones and friends surprising them with unexpected mail next year?

My Takeaways.

There you have it, loungers! Next year is extra challenging and provocative due to the recovery we need to endure brought by the pandemic. But, this should not stop us from becoming better people. We don’t need many new year resolutions. One resolution that is genuine from the heart is better than listing many which we can’t practice and sustain. Start contemplating now, plan, and commit to being a better you.

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  1. I definitely need to make some doctor and dentist appointments that are overdue. I know I have more time in the summer months, so even a couple of hours a week of volunteering in the summer can be so effective and a small way to give back to my community! Thank you for this ❤️

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