Always See the Good in Everything

We are tested on a daily basis. As humans, our brains are predisposed to be negative. As a result, it is normal to feel, think, or conceive of negative thoughts from time to time. These serve as a check and balance on matters that require justification.

On the other hand, continuously having such negative feelings, thinking, and discernment on almost everything is unhealthy. Unnecessary and repetitive negative thinking causes us many health problems in the long run, like chronic stress, depression, or even dementia.

Accordingly, it is helpful for us to always see the good in everything. Yes! I completely agree- it can be difficult, painful, unfair, and unpleasant to see the good in everything. Especially when we are experiencing professional burnout or a family loss due to an unexpected illness, accident, killing, financial disaster, business loss, and other factors.

But then again!

Always See the Good in Everything.

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Story#1 – Seeing the Good in Death.

I was only 12 years old when my mom died. I saw her take her last breath in my father’s arms with my bare eyes. I didn’t understand why I had to experience growing up without a mom. She was severely sick and bedridden for five years before she died. My father, mother and I had to endure physical, emotional, and mental suffering because of such a terrible experience.

Days, months, and years had passed. I’m so grateful that I had to go through that stage of my life. I’m stronger, live independently, learn how to appreciate what I have, and learn to be more grateful and contented. Everything has a reason behind it.

Story#2 – Seeing the Good at Work.

I worked as a senior quality specialist for an international BPO company. I’ve been tasked with completing one of the major daily reports. Of course, I make certain that the report is error-free and delivered accurately. I make sure that it contains valuable and actionable insights. And the report should be simple to grasp for the recipients’ convenience.

It’s become a routine for me at this point. Prepare and send the report. No one seemed to care about it, as far as I could tell. Days and weeks had passed, no one had approached me to inquire about the report.

I was annoyed and felt insignificant. My report was one of the major reports sent out every day, and no one responded, not even criticizing my work. Eventually, I asked my manager to give me a break. He tasked the assignment to my other colleague without hesitation.

A supervisor approached me after a week of not sending the report. He inquired as to why ‘the report’ had not been sent. “Yes, it is sent daily by a colleague,” I politely replied. To my surprise, the supervisor stated that he was aware but preferred that I send it because of benefits A-B-C. Aside from him, a manager on duty confirmed this. My graphs, she claims, are better and more informative. Another supervisor stated that she uses my report daily and weekly team meetings. My heart was overjoyed and, at the same time, stunned! I thought that no one bothered to read my report.

My experience has taught me that we shouldn’t overthink and jump to a negative conclusion when we don’t see immediate positive results. We should always be patient and see the good in everything.

Story#3 – Seeing the Good in Every Situation

I heard this story from one of the podcasts of Pastor John Piper.

A father (Job) and a daughter (Jemima) are on the road. They approached a poor family in one location and asked if they could spend the night there. The husband and wife were ecstatic to see them. Despite their poverty, the couple fed and provided milk for Job and Jemima. They were given the best room in the house by the couple.

The wife is sobbing in the morning because their only source of income, the cow, has died. So the husband intends to butcher it for sale. However, Job advised against selling the cow’s meat and instead burying it under a tree, which is exactly what the husband did.

Job and Jemima found a wealthy family with a beautiful home at the next location they visited. They requested if they could spend the night. Eventually, the rich man agreed to let them sleep in the barn. Job noticed a broken wall from the barn the next morning. He then went out and bought some materials to repair the broken wall. They then said their goodbyes to the rich man and left.

Jemima had a negative thought and questioned. She questioned her father’s decision to repair the rich man’s wall when he was already wealthy and capable. They were also mistreated compared to how they were treated in the poor family’s home. When the poor family’s only cow died, they did not help them; rather, Job simply asked the man to bury the dead animal.

Job then smiled and responded to his daughter’s questions. He stated that the cow was sick. Job noticed it when he drank milk at night because it tasted different. He asked the man not to sell the cow because if people bought it and discovered it wasn’t good meat, the poor family would be in a lot of trouble. Instead, he instructed him to bury the carcass because some treasures were waiting for the man under the tree. They can sell these treasures to acquire better and healthier cows for a living.

While he saw silvers and golds behind the broken wall during their stay in the rich man’s barn. So he went out and bought some building materials and repaired the wall so the rich man couldn’t find the treasures. In such ways, he won’t be any more arrogant or proud.

What a complete surprise!


I understand how hard it is to always see the good in everything. However, we must keep in mind that everything has a purpose. We must direct our energy toward positive thoughts, ideas, and things in our environment. It is wiser, and it is healthier for us.

What’s your story? How did you see the good in any bad situation you experienced? I’d love to hear from you.

Always See the Good in Everything -
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  1. I love your conclusion that you acknowledge that seeing the good in everything isn’t always possible. We should change our perspective and strive to find a reason behind everything that happens to us. Well written 🙂

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