Humility brings Healthy Relationships

In our lives, relationships are one of the most significant elements. People who have a healthy relationship with others (family, friends, community) are happier, physically and mentally healthier, and live longer. 

On the contrary, living in a dispute or within a toxic relationship is highly damaging. Therefore, it’s not about having the most friends, and it’s not about having an intimate or committed relationship, but it’s about the quality of the relationship we have.

How does Humility bring Healthy Relationships?

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility, count others more significant than yourselves. – Philippians 2:3

The Bible reminds us of practicing humility in the book of Philippians 2:3. The verse teaches us that we must avoid rivalry or conceit against each other. For rivalry promotes hate, fear, and anger. While being conceit promotes unhealthy self-love and an egoistic attitude.

A friend of mine shared a story; two sisters she met and became her friends. She noticed a silent rivalry between the two. For example, the other sister has a new signature bag the next day, and the other sister has too. If one has traveled from a nice tourist place, then eventually, the other sister will also get her a day or two-days vacation somewhere. And soon on. Until one day, this silent rivalry drama has placed the two in a situation of having heated arguments and nasty words against each other because of financial concerns. A rivalry will not benefit both sides. Instead, it will lead us to a toxic relationship and snags of other problems.

Another story, a man whom I know privately has fallen years ago. People inside our community know him exceptionally well because of his profound family background, having a well-respected job, and knowing him as an intelligent man who grew up inside our neighborhood. Sadly, the higher the ladder of success he progressed, the higher the arrogancy he becomes. The achievements and admiration of others boosted his conceit. Until such time, he got sick, and little by little, he had issues in his finances, and others started to see and question his pride. His health has given up on him, he lost his job, and these had made him kneel. Unfortunately, he died because of his illness.


Many of us forget and don’t want to look back when achieving points of pride in life. Again, Philippians 2:3 reiterate to us how vital humility is and loving of others. Having humility in us means we think not only ourselves but of others too. People around us. Our loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone whom we met. 

Humility leads to loving others. Loving others lead to a healthy relationship that we can cherish for a lifetime! Healthy relationships feed our soul and well-being. 

Humility brings Healthy Relationships - 52StirsLounge
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