8 Novel Christmas Gifts

Hey Lounger! Christmas is quickly approaching. Isn’t that exciting?

I understand that some of us are still struggling and wondering how to celebrate Christmas and Holidays, especially if the world’s health crisis strikes the family. It’s hard, emotionally traumatic, and heartbreaking if we lost one or more family members because of COVID-19.

But hey, we are here! We can still show each other simple love if we work together. Remind ourselves that by working together, we can carry on our family’s Christmas traditions!

Because of the pandemic crisis, health protocols are still widely mandated to help limit the virus’s spread. Unfortunately, this means that some of us are still advised to stay at home as much as possible, particularly if we are not fully vaccinated.

On the other hand, I’m sure we all want to surprise our loved ones and friends, even if they are far away from us. As a result, I’ve created the best novel Christmas gift list for this year!

8 Novel Christmas Gifts for 2020

8 Novel Christmas Gifts - 52Stirs.com
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1. Sanitizing Kits

Given our current situation, it is practical and cost-effective to give sanitizing kits to family and friends. Unfortunately, many of us have lost jobs and reduced our spending, so sanitizing kits are sometimes left off or at the bottom of the grocery list. I’d appreciate it if someone could give me sanitizing kits! Don’t you think so? Some alcohol-based hand sanitizers, cleaning agents, or disinfectants can be wrapped. Here are some of the best disinfectants.

2. Face Masks

The year 2020 has taught three reasons why we must wear a face mask – protection, reduction of transmission of Covid-19, and prevention to get sick. Therefore, it’s practical and economical if we gift our family and friends with face masks. We can simply buy surgical ones, or if we tend to be more fashionable, there are trendy face masks online that can be purchased and shipped. If you love crafts and sewing, you can even make one. Just make sure that at least two layers of fabric to make it more effective. It’s a perfect Christmas gift this year!

3. Online Courses

It has been mind-boggling since the year 2020 when the pandemic began. We are unable to travel due to many constraints. We do never-ending outlining, especially considering the health crisis, which is mentally exhausting. So, to bring this to a close, I reasoned that giving someone an online course could help them do something new and exciting. Yes! Give them access to online courses.

Online courses can be tricky! As a result, we must exercise caution when deciding what type of online class to give as a Christmas upcoming gift. It is preferable to speak with the receiver first to make sure you’ll gift them the best online course ever. Let’s be honest: there are a lot of free online courses out there. The best ones are paid!

4. E-Gifts

E-gifts are as practical and economical today as Christmas gifts because there is no need to travel or meet the receiver. We can gift our family and friends subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, HBO, anti-virus software for their laptops or smartphones, etc. Again, just don’t forget to speak to the receiver so you’ll have an idea of what he or she may prefer.

5. Indoor and Outdoor Plants

As you may already know, a hobby is trending today because of the pandemic. Yes! You got it – gardening. We can’t blame ourselves. Gardening is relaxing and supports environmental awareness. We can find online stores where we can purchase and shipped these plants straight to our family and friends’ homes. How exciting and surprising is that? 😊

6. E-cards

Alright, e-cards are super economical because we can have this for free. All we need is the internet, imagination, and artistic creativity. Find the best picture of your receiver, a heart-warming message, and a digital tool to create your e-cards! I love using canva.com in creating e-cards. Create and design anything for free! Surprise them by posting e-card to their social media accounts or tagging them, or e-mailing them. 💻⚡️

7. E-Book

One of the best virtual gifts this Christmas is E-book. We can gift this to teenagers and young adults to encourage them to learn and flourish. We can also give e-books to adults according to their favorites. Again, don’t be afraid of asking them. We can gift some inspirational and motivational e-books or even audiobooks.

8. Donation

I would say that donation is the best novel Christmas gift we can give this year.  We are experiencing Covid-19 fatigue, but we must not experience fatigue in giving or helping the needy.  Christmas is a beautiful season of love and sharing.  We should share the blessings we received.  Giving is making a difference.

Wrapping up.

We don’t have to go all out this Christmas to celebrate and gift our loved ones and friends. Our physical presence isn’t even required to surprise them. What really matters is that we love, share, and give with good intentions from the bottom of our hearts. I hope my list provided you with some fantastic ideas! Please let me know what you think. I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! God bless us all!

8 Novel Christmas Gifts - 52Stirs.com
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