9 Ways to Amplify Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one own abilities, judgments, and qualities. Having self-confidence means that we are coherent when taking a course of action regardless of our situation.

It is vital to keep and maintain our self-confidence. Having the right amount of self-confidence lets us experience liberty from negative thoughts about ourselves. It allowed us to avoid self-doubting. We become fearless.

It was my problem too! Mostly when I was in high school. I thought I don’t belong because I’m from a low-income family, I grew up in frugality, and my peers have much to offer than me. Fast forward, it was a perfect learning experience. I thank my father, who taught me how to fight fear, and other elderly I met along the way and imparted to me how to gain self-confidence. Let me share with you the Nine Ways to Amplify Self-Confidence.

9 Ways to Amplify Self-Confidence

1. Face Your Fears

Fear is the number one enemy of self-confidence. Eventually, if we fear, we will stop doing what we are supposed to do, even important things. If we stop, it will result in a delay. Everything will be stagnant instead of progressive. So, we should face our fears. If we fail, so what? Failure allows us to learn and be better than yesterday.

An article I found suggested five tools that can help us remove our fears. Here are the tools that we can try and practicing:

  • Real-Life Exposures – we can slowly face the things that make us fear in life
  • Mental Exposures – we can slowly face the things that bother our minds like nightmares, traumatic memories, or experiences
  • Anxiety Experiments – we can try to “shake things up” and try new responses to counter anxiety
  • Resisting the Quick Fix – we should find and do permanent fix instead of sorting to temporary fix
  • Managing Worries – we can do a strategical plan that can help us manage our worries

When we face our fears, we are amplifying our self-confidence.

2. Continue to Educate Yourself

Education has a vital role in our self-confidence. Education is a great tool that gives us knowledge; it nurtures our perspective in life; it helps us build our opinions and respond to our daily lives in general. Never stop learning.  

I made mistakes several times because of wrong decisions, wrong choices of words, mistaken intentions, and more. But what I realized is that we must not focus on the failures, but we must focus on learning from the mistakes.

We are humans, and we are bound to commit mistakes. It’s all-natural that we feel agitated, angry, jealous, nervous, and all sorts of negative. The question is, what can we learn from these feelings and experiences? To counter negative responses, we must learn from the negative experience. And that is okay.

Yes. We need to continue to educate ourselves to amplify our self-confidence.

3. Get to Know Yourself

Knowing ourselves is one of my favorite self-care activities. A verified life coach named Dr. Mariette Jansen says, “In order to be yourself, you have to know yourself.” Absolutely! We manage our thoughts and personality. Therefore, it’s practical to have self-awareness. Knowing who we are, what boundaries we set, and what principles we have in life can amplify our self-confidence.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

When I was young and at school, I self-compared to others a couple of times. I didn’t understand why I had to live in frugality. I was a working student. I see my peers happy and relax when I had to catch my time always to balance my work, studies, and house errands. I felt that I had massive pressure in life at an early age.

Sooner or later, I questioned myself. What does this comparing myself to others do to me positively anyway? So what if I’m a working student? So-what if I need to struggle while others seemed happy and relax? Am I even sure that they are happy? All these comparing will give negative thoughts against ourselves and others. I just became judgmental. I wasn’t happy about it. It’s not me.

We are all different in all ways. I realized; I can only compare myself to myself from yesterday. Why? Assessing myself is important to know if I progress positively or whatnot. Others don’t do anything about our progress. It’s ourselves. Therefore, to amplify self-confidence, don’t compare yourself to others.

5. Take Good Care of Your Body

I find it amusing when some content makers or netizens say it’s exhausting when other content makers are posting non-stop content about exercising, yoga, eating healthy, and so forth. Yes, it’s quite exhausting and daunting, but these constant reminders are accurate and relevant!

Taking good care of our body will boost our self-confidence. Taking good care of our body doesn’t mean we must have six-packed abs or a flawless sexy body. It means we must give quality time to our body. Making it healthy and physically fit. Here are some simple routines we can add to our daily or weekly activities.

  • 15-30 minutes’ walk
  • Drinking eight glasses of water daily
  • Sleeping up to 8 hours a day
  • 30 minutes of physical exercises like stretching, yoga
  • Avoiding too many sweets
  • Avoiding too many carbonated drinks
  • Eating more vegetables
  • Getting a good massage
  • Having at least bi-annual medical exams like urinalysis, chest x-ray, and blood counts
  • Going to your OB-gyne for women

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6. Practice Self-Love

Self-love means caring for ourselves. Loving ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually will amplify our self-confidence. We will also have the power to understand, help, and love others, especially those around us.

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7. Help Others Genuinely

Genuinely helping others will amplify our self-confidence, especially our spirituality. Faithfully speaking, as humans, we are bound to serve others. Our purpose is to be a beautiful light to others. Even small things count. Maybe our colleague needs our assistance is some task. A homeless may need a smile from us to uplift his heart and spirit. As simple as wearing a mask today can help save lives!

8. Focus on Solutions

Problems are inevitable. We can sugarcoat always, but we’re unable to hide issues and challenges. It can be personal or professional. But what matters is, we must always focus on solutions. We can amplify our self-confidence by putting our attention to solutions. Confident people do not blame. Confident people are accountable, responsible, and always ready to find and execute the best solutions.

9. Keep Yourself Private 

Keeping yourself private is crucial, especially in today’s technology age. We must guard ourselves not to fall into lavish social media attention. We must choose what to share with the public. Personal or professional problems must stay private instead of on social media. Our emotions are sacred; hence we can share these with special people around us, not on social media.

If we become an open-book, abusive audiences can take advantage of such an opportunity to defame or hurt our feelings. Instead, we must be more careful in sharing information on social media. Here are some useful tips we can practice on our social media channels.

  • When sharing pictures, make sure to check the backgrounds
  • Avoid sharing provocative images or videos
  • Post something that can inspire others, like a short story about how you have overcome a problem you met for the day
  • Post about your pet
  • Post about your favorite quote that may have a positive impact on others too
  • Share an informative article or content you have read online
  • Follow people, community, groups that are genuine, and you can learn from them

Remember, the world doesn’t need to know everything from us. We don’t require approval from the public by letting them know our private matters. We are who we are.

My Takeaway.

In the end, these are all guidelines. It is still up to us on how we can uplift ourselves and our confidence. It may take time, but the amount of courage and willingness to work things out is vital. 

Always remember that You are beautiful, worthy, and smart!

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