50 Life Lessons in the Year 2020

The year 2020 is one of the historic years ever fold in human existence. Today, we are still navigating our way out to the unprecedented pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus (COVID-19). On the brighter side, the year 2020 teaches us about life lessons and reminds us that we are bound to responsibilities that help ourselves and others as humans.

50 Life Lessons in the Year 2020

  1. Health is wealth.
  2. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
  3. We must stop discrimination.
  4. Let’s eat fruits and veggies.
  5. Always be helpful to others.
  6. Always to humble.
  7. Giving respect to medical healthcare workers.
  8. Showing respect to authorities.
  9. Listening to medical scientists and experts.
  10. The importance of voting wisely.
  11. Appreciating what we already have.
  12. Practicing patience and endurance.
  13. Reminding us of the importance of family.
  14. Reminding us of the importance of friendship.
  15. We must give time to ourselves, too.
  16. Being part of the resolve instead of the problem.
  17. The value of saving for the stormy days.
  18. The only constant in this world is change.
  19. Discipline can bring us to somewhere better.
  20. The devastating power of hoarding.
  21. Appreciating the beauty of life.
  22. The equilibrium of public health and economy.
  23. Respecting the use of technology.
  24. The importance of broadband access.
  25. Terrorism is rampant regardless of the situation.
  26. Being vigilant is vital.
  27. Helping others in need means loving.
  28. Family means no one is leftward behind.
  29. Prevention is indeed better than cure.
  30. The necessity of health insurance.
  31. Human ethics is at a challenge, especially in vaccine distribution and other medical needs.
  32. One and best way to win the war against coronavirus is global solidarity.
  33. Resourcefulness is one of the keys to survival economically.
  34. The safety of the community is essential.
  35. Love, respect, and care to our elderly.
  36. It doesn’t mean you are young; you are healthy; younger adults are vulnerable too.
  37. Always prepare for the unknown.
  38. Acceptance of change.
  39. Constant complaints and rants are not beneficial.
  40. Continually review and update policies and procedures.
  41. Always beware of online scammers and fraud.
  42. Protect our children even if they are at home.
  43. Always ask and check for the facts.
  44. Practice strong limits.
  45. Decreasing pollution will benefit our planet and us.
  46. We don’t need to spend as much as we are doing.
  47. Planning of career backups is essential.
  48. The importance of our teacher’s work.
  49. We are all humans; therefore, we are all equal.
  50. The ultimate power of prayers and faith to God Almighty.

Our last quarter of the year is about to end. In a few months, we will welcome the year 2021. Let’s not forget the fifty life lessons we learned in the year 2020. Life is full of challenges and difficulties, yet it’s beautiful! Stay safe, lounger!

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