4 Ways to Celebrate Christmas amid COVID-19

Happy September, Lounger! Yes! It’s the start of “Ber Months,” which means it’s seasons greetings! But wait! This year’s Christmas is unprecedented because of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is unceasingly striking every part of the world, taking many lives, stopping economies, and building an invisible wall amongst us.

As a believer, can COVID-19 stop us from celebrating Christmas this year? Can we let ourselves succumb to sadness and wrath of COVID-19? Can we not give glory to our Lord God Almighty that we are here surviving amidst the struggles and difficulties brought by COVID-19?

Absolutely NOT!

As a believer, we will continue to praise our Lord God Almighty! We will continue to celebrate Christmas! We shall continue to be faithful and hopeful of our new beginnings! Therefore, I have collected the four ways to celebrate Christmas amid COVID-19.

4 Ways to Celebrate Christmas amid COVID-19

1. Purifying our Intention towards Christmas.

Purifying our intention towards celebrating Christmas is critical. It is because this intention reflects what’s inside our hearts.  Matthew 1:21 – ‘She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.’ The passage reminds us of the essence of Jesus Christ in our lives. He saves humanity.  

Our intention towards celebrating Christmas must be about offering our continuous gratitude and honoring our Lord God Almighty. He gave his mercy upon us by sending Jesus Christ to us. Therefore, let me encourage you to continue to prepare for this beautiful event.

Tip: Alternatives for mass services (since mass gathering is not allowed amid COVID-19)

  • Fasting
  • Private solemn prayers
  • Bible study with family
  • Watching online mass, lectures and other religious services
  • Giving donations to the needed especially to those who are seriously affected by COVID-19

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2. Teaching our Children the importance of Christmas.

With the disturbing effects of COVID-19, including social distancing, children can experience anxiety, worry, and fear. An article explained that children are observant to change. Still, young ones may find the changes hard to understand, and both young and adult may express irritability and anger.

This year’s Christmas is the most troublesome for children. There will be no parties, and they cannot physically see their friends, relatives, and cousins. We cannot do quality time with them in the parks, malls, churches, or other places we usually visit during Christmas.

As a believer, it is our duty and obligation to teach children the essence of Christmas. Proverbs 22:6 – Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it. The passage retells that we must convey to our children the importance of Christmas. We must teach our children about God’s commandments, perform worships, give praises to Him, and love others.

Let’s remind our children and guide them on how to purify our intentions during Christmas seasons. Remember point number one? Extravagant parties, going out to malls or events, or other leisure places are not the spirit of Christmas.  

Tip: Children’s activities (since gathering is not allowed amid COVID-19)

  • Writing letters to Jesus for a week before Christmas
  • Bible studies and Bible storytelling activity
  • Making of Christmas cards for the family
  • Watching Christmas movies
  • Dressing up (funny homemade costumes) and taking family photos and portraits
  • Letting the kids help to make the Christmas menus
  • Letting the kids help in making Christmas ornaments and decorating the house
  • Send Frontliners hand-made holiday cards
  • Making short greeting videos for Frontliners, family, and friends
  • Have a family game nights

3. Performing Reflection.

Let’s remind ourselves that Christmas is a season of reflection. We did not once predict that we will experience and endure the madness brought by COVID-19. Last year, it was smooth, and we looked forward to a better and incredible year 2020. However, this pandemic blasted us and turned our world upside-down.

Some of us lost their loved ones, while most of us lost jobs, homes, food, and some just recovered from the virus’s illness. Some are still battling their lives against the deadly COVID-19. We even see some stories in the news that some cold-blooded people take advantage of the pandemic and have the audacity to scam others. It’s undeniably heartbreaking.  

As a believer, the season of Christmas and its day itself remind us how our Lord God Almighty loves us. Take a look at yourself. Despite the never-ending challenges amidst COVID-19, you are well, safe, and sound. Jesus, our Christ, is continuously telling us to trust our Lord God Almighty.  John 14:1 – “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.”  Let’s take this opportunity to reflect. Let’s review one’s self.

  • How does Jesus Christ want us to respond to others during this time?
  • What does Jesus Christ tell us when we experience hardship?
  • What do you think will Jesus Christ tells us today?
  • Why do we need to celebrate Christmas despite COVID-19?

I believe that this is a great time to recollect and ask guidance from our God Almighty that He may bring us back to the right path in pleasing Him.

4. Recalling the teachings of Jesus Christ.

One of the principal teachings of Jesus Christ is to love one another. The golden rule says, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”  This COVID-19 state we are experiencing is a perfect opportunity for us to participate and practice this beautiful teaching.

As a believer, sharing our blessings, either monetary or non-monetary, is one simple yet meaningful way of showing love to others. Helping the needy and giving out gifts to others with pure intentions will please our Lord God Almighty. Christmas is a season of joy. Christmas is a season of love.

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My Takeaway!

After three months, it’s December. Christmas is just around the corner. Despite COVID-19, we have countless reasons to celebrate Christmas. I believe that this year is an excellent opportunity for us to be closer to our Lord God Almighty. I think that it is a perfect time to lock ourselves inside our room, praying and praising our Lord God Almighty. Let’s pause for a while, open the scriptures, and seek for His words. 

Remember these four ways to celebrate Christmas amid COVID-19;

  1. Purifying our Intention towards Christmas.
  2. Teaching our Children the importance of Christmas.
  3. Performing Reflection.
  4. Recalling the teachings of Jesus Christ.

With all these, I’m sure that this is still the best Christmas ever, despite COVID-19. Do not forget to ring some bells. Let’s call our loved ones and cheer them up. Let’s send them heartwarming messages. Let’s shower each other’s love. COVID-19 cannot stop us celebrating Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🎄

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