7 Easy Habits to Fight Coronavirus

As of this writing, there are 23M+ confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide. And counting. Coronavirus is continuously trembling the world and has already taken 800k+ lives globally. While country leaders are doing their best to develop policies following the advice of healthcare experts, every day is a serious struggle. We cannot deny that there are flip-flops, but I know we can do something about it even with our little ways.

Medical front-liners often tell us today that WE (citizens of the world) are the real front-liners. We can impact the result of this coronavirus horrible statistics better if we work together to fight coronavirus. I have collected 7 Easy Habits to Fight Coronavirus, which I believe can positively curve the ball. Here we go!

7 Easy Habits to Fight Coronavirus

1. Cleaning of Hands Often

This is easy and effective. Frequently hand washing with running water and soap will make your hands free from germs and viruses. This easy habit can give you a healthy impact. Without realizing it, you frequently touch your face. If you have contaminated hands, germs and viruses can easily penetrate your nose, eyes, and mouth; eventually making you sick.

An article I read says that you probably touch your face 16 times an hour! Can you imagine how critical it is that if your hands are contaminated? Hand washing is a real combat tool to fight coronavirus.

2. Practice Respiratory Hygiene

Another easy habit to combat coronavirus or other infectious illnesses like common flu and colds is practicing respiratory hygiene. This is a simple infection prevention measure. It is designed to limit the transmission of any respiratory pathogens spread by droplets. Here are some key pointers to remember:

  • Covering of mouth and nose with a bent elbow
  • Use a tissue to cover and dispose of them properly and promptly
  • Turn away your heads from others or from the food you are preparing
  • Wear facemask
  • Keep a safe distance – a meter or more the better

3. Avoid Touching of Your Face

Alright, this may sound repetitive, but yes! Let’s remind ourselves often. Do not touch your face. Resist, my friend! I admit this is not easy as it sounds because, like I said earlier, without even realizing you already have probably touched your face over 16 times in an hour. But remember that when you touch your face with unwashed hands, germs, including coronavirus, can take up residence in your mucus membranes, which can lead to an infection. Here are some tips to help you avoid touching your face.

  • Make sure that your hair doesn’t fall straight to your face
  • Keep yourself aware – THINK not to touch your face always
  • Be prepared with alternatives. Use clean tissue if you need to settle some itch.
  • Again, keep your hands clean.

4. Avoid Close Contact

This year is not to make physical social engagement I supposed. We are advised to keep a safe distance, especially when we are in a public area. Mass gatherings including outdoor and indoor parties are canceled. Events and trade shows are canceled. Plus, we are required to maintain at least 3 feet or a meter away from each other.

Well at times, people forget things however, this easy habit can make a positive difference. We can reduce the spread of coronavirus by social distancing. Human-to-human is the common way to spread the virus, so if you limit yourself from others you can protect yourself and others. Here are key pointers to remember:

  • Keeping a meter or more distance from others
  • Avoid mass gathering for now
  • Use simple gestures like waving to acknowledge others
  • Protect your love ones especially those who are vulnerable

My parents are seniors. And my father has type 2 diabetes and heart enlargement. If I come home from outside due to essentials errands, I immediately take showers and keep a distance from them for a while.

5. Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces and Objects

Keeping your surroundings clean is equally important as washing your hands frequently. Your surroundings have a huge impact on your health too. So, keeping your home sweet home and community in general as clean as you can help prevent coronavirus spread rapidly. Here are some useful tips:

  • Frequently sanitize your gadgets. Mobile phones, laptops, mouse, earbuds, etc
  • Sanitize your workstations in the office or home office
  • Daily sanitize your kitchen counter tops
  • Daily sanitize your dining table
  • Door handles and stair rails are to be sanitized frequently too
  • Fridge handle must be kept clean
  • Proper disposal of trash especially when it has used gloves and facemask
  • Do not spit on the ground

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6. Boost Your Health

Staying healthy is a brilliant way of self-protection from coronavirus. Boost your health and immune system so that infectious diseases cannot easily infiltrate your system. Here are some easy tips to remember in boosting your health.

  • Eat a balanced diet including vegetables and fruits
  • Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day will help you gain a healthy and strong body.
  • Get enough sleep
  • Get a physical exercise like simple stretching, walking, and squats
  • Avoid junk food as much as you can (my struggles LOL)

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7. Be Relevant

Keep yourself well-informed. Follow useful news and articles that can give you valuable insights into fighting coronavirus. Be mindful of which or whom to follow to avoid acquiring fake or misleading information. Keep yourself informed with the latest updates from your local government, schools, offices, and other workplaces. This way you can smartly and effectively respond in situations that involve or are connected to coronavirus. Here are some tips to keep yourself relevant:

  • Follow your local government or community online social media bulletin
  • Follow your trusted international news channels
  • Check on travel restrictions policies and guidelines
  • Check on updated emergency contact number in your locality or even nationals
  • Follow your organization online bulletin boards like school, workplace, etc.
  • Verify information before sharing to others

My Takeaway!

There you have it! At the end of the day, YOU ARE the REAL HERO in this battle. It is in your hands. Our world leaders and even medical workers can give us the best of the best policies and guidelines in front of us. If you and I will be careless and will not follow strictly, then we can expect rapid numbers of infected people and deaths.

On the other hand, if you and I will be more than willing to observe these policies and guidelines, together we can make a difference! Remember these 7 Easy Habits to Fight Coronavirus:

  1. Cleaning of Hands Often
  2. Practice Respiratory Hygiene
  3. Avoid Touching of Your Face
  4. Avoid Close Contact
  5. Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces and Objects
  6. Boost Your Health
  7. Be Relevant

Stay safe, Lounger! 😊

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