10 Great Leadership Traits You Must Acquire

In my more than ten years of working experience in business process outsourcing and the facility management industry, I was able to work with different personalities of different positions in an organization. I met several leaders by nature and leaders by class or privilege only. John C Maxwell said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Let me give you the top ten leadership traits I observed, which truly illustrate a true leader.

If your ‘boss’ has these traits, treasure him! You will learn a lot from him! If you are an aspiring leader, then you must work on acquiring these traits. I bet you’ll be one of the great leaders in your time.

10 Great Leadership Traits You Must Acquire

Note: To generalize, I have used “He” on Men and Women.

1. Man of Words

It may sound old fashioned, but this is 100% important for a leader. He means what he said and what he will say. It reflects his honesty and sincerity on-off work. It means he is ‘no’ to nonsense and more into actions and excellent results.

2. Competent

Competency is essential, especially when making a judgment. A leader knows what he is doing and the impact of his actions. He is creative and has initiative. Being competent means having the skills that can make him enable the company and the people he manages.

3. Courageous

He recognizes his flaws and mistakes in front of his subordinates. He dares to face all roadblocks despite his weaknesses. A leader is always ready to execute alternative and corrective plans to empower himself and recover from the fiasco.

4. Calm and Composed

It means he is a good communicator. He does not shout or use profanity in times of argument, trouble, or disagreements. A leader knows how to discipline his subordinates in a professional and civilized way. He knows how to handle critical to highly critical situations.

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5. Tactfulness

He knows how to address situations in a firm and just manner. He does not permit idleness, and inefficient employees rather coach them with tact and authority. He knows when not to sugar coat things. A leader speaks to others with full respect despite his position, power, and expertise.

6. Respectful

He respects himself; thus, his subordinates respect and believe him. He respects huge and small employees. He appreciates the time and diligence of employees.

7. Has Good Sense of Humor

There are no dull moments with a leader. He senses when and how to break the ice. For him, humor is a great way to ease stress, make work enjoyable, and build a sense of team and good camaraderie.

8. Delegation and Empowerment

A leader knows how to give enough lead to his subordinates for them to act on his behalf. He gives them the right fit of tasks which will showcase their competencies. He empowers his delegates by including them in decision making, giving them a participatory role, which capitalizes on their expertise and judgment, raising their sense of self-esteem and commitment to the organization.

9. Integrity and Honesty

Integrity is one of the critical qualities of a leader. It implies an in-depth assurance of doing the right thing for the right reason, regardless of the circumstances, with honorable intentions. Integrity is a concept of constancy of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. A leader with integrity mirrors honesty, unbending adherence to strong moral, ethical principles, and values.

10. Inspire Others

He has a vision. Leadership involves looking beyond today, tomorrow, and yonder. A leader is unselfish instead helps his people to become successful than him. He fueled his peoples’ passion. He highly motivates them to achieve their goals, on-off the organization for their betterment.

I dedicate this content to my previous superiors, who inspired me and exhibited what a true leader is.

“Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.”  –Tom Peters

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