The Controversial of Sex

Sex is a highly controversial subject. Many discussions about sex are hyped both in a secular or religious aspect. Debates are continuous, and everyone has some say. Caution! If you are narrow-minded or intolerant, then I suggest you stop reading this blog. Otherwise, please be my guest.

Why Sex is so controversial?

We are here living in the 21st Century, and technology is fast evolving. Through technology, information is open. Sex was a taboo. Today as early as eight years old, kids learned about same-sex families. They are exposed to the gender identity concept. The rates of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are towering high year after year. There are human rights concerns. These are just a few reasons why sex is so controversial. Many communities and netizens have divided perspectives about sex.

But let’s go back to the beginning of humanity. Let’s recall the origin of sex.

What does the Bible say about Sex?

Genesis 1:27 says “So GOD created man in his own image, in the image of GOD He created him; male and female, He created them.”

As we can understand in the above passage, only GOD can create and define a Man and a Woman. In the beginning, there was only two identified sex. From the start, God created Adam and Eve. Man and Woman. GOD did not create Adam, Eve and LGBTQIA+, and so on.

The fact is that only women have wombs. Human beings are born from the womb of a woman.

What does Sex have to do with Gender Identity Concept?

GOD gave the first human couple freewill. He then precisely instructed them not to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. But the serpent managed to talk into Eve to eat the fruit and shared this with Adam. This act gave them added knowledge and consciousness.

It gave them the ability to raise adverse and destructive concepts. It is exactly what’s happening in our society. Some people are feeding us poor and disruptive ideas such as LGBT now evolving to LGBTQIA+. Many of us are now facing some personal crisis that involves our own gender identification, sex preferences, and so on.

Sex vs. Freewill

The gift of Freewill and Knowledge is used, misused, and abused. As humans, we prioritize desires, lusts, and fantasies rather than devoting ourselves to worshiping and remembering our GOD Almighty. We are blind by all scientific knowledge. We accept that this information released from studies by so-called experts, scientists, and doctors is truthful.

Sex education is introduced with unwarranted (secular and religiously) information to give justifications. We want to justify the ‘feelings,’ ‘emotional,’ and ‘physical’ aspects we desire as valid and truthful. We are redefining GOD’s creation and giving out the spectrum of sexuality and gender to soothe our human requirements.

What do Humans think about Sex?

Humans think that he could create a being that GOD can only create. Humans believe that it’s a given gift from GOD that he can manage to convert a woman to a man and a man to a woman physically through medical-surgical procedures. Humans think that it is tolerable and right to set free from the Laws given to us by GOD in today’s age. Humans think of freedom as beyond freedom. Humans think He is god. Human is delusional, egotistic, and blasphemous!

We always want more instead of being thankful for what we already have. We strive for others to accept us when we are not accepting our own flaws and identity.  We took a lifestyle that is not meant for us, yet we are angry and livid when corrected and ridiculed. We chose to change ourselves and defy God’s creation. Why? Because of our own desires, lusts, and fantasies! We are nothing but Sodom and Gomorrah. We are synonymous with shameless sin! We indulge ourselves in death and openly embrace the serpent who deceived Adam and Eve!

Let’s Stop This!! You and I can stop this controversy.

It’s not too late for us. Instead of fighting over usage of public restrooms, arguing with others to accept the way we look at certain ideas; and insisting on having a law that is limited and designed to mollify our indulgence to our own desires, rather we can start by accepting our own flaws, accepting GOD given gift to us.


There are aspects within us that are different. And that’s who we are. We must be thankful and strive hard to submit to GOD’s will. We must stop resisting. We must lay our trust in Him alone. We may feel like a woman when we are a man or vice-versa, but we surely have the ability and competence to act right in our Creator’s eyes. It only takes a ‘Freewill’ to admit who we are. Let’s be happy. Let’s practice contentment with what we already have.

On a personal note, I salute those individuals from the LGBT community who continuously battle self-desires and lust—respecting themselves by acting morally and suitably. 

  • I have friends and colleagues who belong to the LGBT community. They have full respect for themselves and do not beg for acceptance. 
  • I salute those around the globe who belong to the LGBT community and who do not fight or argue over public toilets. Relatively they fight to live life because being LGBT in their State is punishable by death. 
  • I salute those individuals who belong to the LGBT community and yet fully accept and comprehend that they are still men and women though they feel the opposite. 
  • I salute those individuals from the LBGT community who respect and honor their parents’ given names and are proud to use their birth names.  

In the end, we are not here to judge anybody or each other. Judgment belongs in the hands of our Creator. It’s between you and Him, and it’s between Him and me. But we are here to remind one another of what GOD has entrusted to us. We are here to support what is right and just. We are here to throw away what is wrong and infernal. Let’s all be proud, Adam and Eve, period.

The Controversial of Sex -
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