3 Heartwarming Reasons Why I Turned to Blog

I’m pretty excited because in four months less my blog site is a year old! And looking back I can say that I now have good progress in terms of writing, researching, designing, and so on. It’s a smoothly added skill professionally and personally. I’m happy and thankful that I have met like-minded people from community groups that gave me ideas on how to run a blog in general. I’ve seen and read various articles online which I also personally followed that inspires me what topics I can best discuss that will showcase my intention and personality.

Yes! I’m extremely grateful for this experience. But to give you more of an idea of how I turned myself to blogging, let me share you my:

3 Heartwarming Reasons Why I Turned to Blog

1. My Dearest Readers

Yup. You. For the past few years, I felt the need to do something especial towards others. But I didn’t know how or what. All I knew is that I want to help others even in my subtle way. Until the time I experienced serious rough periods of my life which concerned my health. I realized that I want to share my thoughts on how to battle life’s adversities to serve as a helpful role to those seeking motivation, support, or advice.

In the year 2019, I finally decided to come up with a blog at home project. I started writing about my thoughts, my views, my experiences and curious wondering’s about Life and Humanity. I know and understand that somehow, somewhere, out there, there’s someone that needs comfort and seeking relief. Relief from bad experiences, being burn-out, being left behind, and being in a position that no one wants to be in. I experienced it too.

My dearest readers gave me a heartwarming reason why I turned to blog. Through blogging, I can tell them “Hey! You’re not alone.”“YesI’m here for you”. “Yes, we’re on the same shoes.” “Hey! You can and You will do it.”, “Yes! You and I can win this!”

My dearest readers inspire me to do more. Right. You! You gave me a reason why I need to write and share my understandings. You gave me a reason to build a connection. A connection that will help you and me to grow and be better.

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2. My Dear Me

I think one of the fundamental mistakes that most people do is not to appreciate themselves. This is what I learned along the way. Most of us experience burn-out and worst become depressed because we always think about our responsibilities to our family, relatives, friends, society, others, and so on. Until the time we forget ourselves.

My dear “Me” gave me a heartwarming reason why I turned to blog. I want to thank ‘Me’ for not giving up in times of trouble and even today. I want to thank ‘Me’ in trusting myself even if I failed several times. I want to thank ‘Me’ because I cried countless times, yet ‘Me’ never get tired of listening to myself. There are a couple of times that no one understands me, but ‘Me’ understood myself. There were moments too that no one dares to support nor believe me, but ‘Me’ is always there to support and believe me.

Blogging has turned out to be my online corkboard journal reminding myself “hey, “Me’ is here for you.” Plus, the fact that I can share ‘Me’ and connect to like-minded netizens is a great opportunity which blogging has brought.

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This may sound too religious but Yes! Absolutely! Of all, this is the best heartwarming reason why I turned to blog. Most people are busy doing their errands, doing this and that. They are spending hours of hours on social media and the internet. This has resulted in them to forget their real purpose in life – to be in the proximity of GOD Almighty. And I believe this is our ultimate need. And for us to develop and nurture our relationship and be in GOD’s glorious nearness, we are obliged to learn and turned to His words.

Matthew 4:4 stated that “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out through the mouth of God”.  

I’m thankful that through blogging I have a fair share of a platform where I can be an advocate of the Words of God. Blogging allowed me to share my testimonies about my faith and practices to shed light and motivate everyone. Remind everyone and for myself that hey, let’s give time and pause to feed our souls.

Similarly, blogging gave me access to connect with like-minded netizens and learn from their testimonies too. I believe that is a vital ingredient in spiritual growth and to gain wisdom.

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To Conclude…

Again, let me thank you for reading and supporting my blog. I know it’s a baby step for me. But I will continue to share my thoughts and experiences with you as much as I can. I’m always here ready to write, listen, and give insights that hopefully can help you decide and stir you up. Always remember that we can and will do this together. Life is always hard, but it is beautiful!

Hey Lounger! if you felt that you’d also love to blog and share compelling stories, you can start from HERE!

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