3 Shocking Revelations Not to Eat Pork

Who doesn’t love the delicious and crispy bacon and egg breakfast in the morning? How about the famous Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) of the South Koreans’? Salami, Ham, and Pepperoni toppings on your pizza, pork chop, barbecues, and several tasty dishes made from pork.  These dishes are mouth-watering and will give you pure pleasure. I was once fall-in-love in these dishes. So, I wouldn’t judge you. 💚😊

Now three years ago, and counting, I stopped eating pork. Yes, it was difficult. It was a clean struggle especially when I see and smell chicharron, sisig, and Lechon kawali which were my top Filipino favorites! Even foreigners go crazy with these dishes when they tasted them.

The question is: why did I stop eating pork then? Well, two things (1) because of faith and (2) a personal commitment to great health.  Today, I want to share with you why I have committed ‘No Pork’ to myself and completely discontinue consuming pig meat.

3 Shocking Revelations Not to Eat Pork

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1. Most Pigs are Raised and Killed Unethically

There are several studies and reports that factory farms and even backyard hog farms do not completely follow health and sanitation requirements from national governments, authorities, or agencies. Why? Perhaps to cut expenses? I don’t know. Unfortunately, because of these practices’ pigs are forced to live in their own feces, vomit, and even amid the corpses of other pigs. Most of these farms’ conditions are filthy at any given time. Pigs are suffering from mange and other parasites.

These pigs raised on farms experience pure hell. Imagine this – Mother pigs devote most of their lives in small “gestation” crates which are tiny compared to their size hence the animals are unable to turn around or even lie down happily. They are repetitively impregnated until they reach their slaughter day. Piglets, who were deprived of their distressed mothers, have their tails chopped off, their teeth are clipped off with pliers, and the males are castrated—all without sedatives.  To see detailed information on how pigs are raised and killed for meat read this article.  I honestly don’t have the courage at this point to describe to you how inhumane and callous the way of butchering these unfortunate animals is.

A netizen (diabolika) also shared her experience about why she stopped eating pork – because of no decent killing.

For instance, in the Philippines, an article mentioned that the Department of Agriculture said that “Backyard pig farmers in the area practice group rearing of hogs, from different owners, most (of them without) proper housing provisions nor biosecurity practices.” “There was also no regular vaccination, vitamin supplementation and deworming of pigs in the province, and household butchering is common, especially with animals exhibiting weakness or disease”, it said.

This has shocked my soul out of my body! I can’t imagine myself eating pork meat with bliss knowing what could’ve happened to that poor animal when it was alive.  How can I patronize these business-minded people who do not practice ethics?  These animals should be treated with full respect because in the first place they’re for people to consume.  How can I guarantee that I’m consuming ethically raised and killed pork? There’s no way.

2. Pigs Eat Anything

I would say that pigs are the janitor fish of land.  As you may already know that “janitor fish” or “suckerfish” are helping species. They keep tanks clean as they are natural scavengers. They are bottom-feeders. Janitor fishes eat uneaten food or other excess matters that would otherwise cause harmful nitrates in the water. So do pigs! An article from NatGeo stated that due to their omnivorous diet, pigs will eat anything. It means they eat even unsavory things such as dead animals, rotting garbage, and even human feces and their own feces and urine.

Because of the pigs’ eating habits, they don’t have enough amount of time to effectively remove harmful ingested toxins in their body.  Plus, since pigs do not have sweat glands there’s no way that they can remove extra toxins from their system. So, obviously, when you eat pork, you are taking these added toxins that are present in its flesh.  Even if you cook them. Worst if the meat was not prepared properly. So, I asked myself: Aren’t you already blasted by toxins daily, who needs more?

I now understand why many religions, including the Bible, forbid eating swine.

3. Pork Meat May Have Several Types of Parasites

Again, due to pigs eating habits there’s a higher rate of possibility that its flesh is contaminated with several types of parasites. An article suggested that there are four of these which are present in its meat:

  • Menangle Virus
  • Taenia Solium
  • Trichinella
  • Hepatitis E

Obviously, pigs can easily contract viruses; hence the recent pandemic which shook the world was the African Swine Fever (ASF).

Considering all these contaminations, consuming frequently or even occasionally can cost you. Pork is one of the most dangerous yet under-estimated meat when it comes to food and health.  According to an article, Hepatitis E, Multiple Sclerosis, Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis, and Yersinia are the four (4) hidden dangers of pork.

To Wrap Up

Personally, these three shocking revelations about not eating pork were enough to convince me that I needed to stop eating pork. Today, I can easily say “no” to pork or any other dish that includes pork elements. I feel at ease walking past grocery isles stocked with pork products.

I also felt compelled to share this with you because I believe it will help you in deciding or at least reflecting on what to patronize or not. Humans are inseparably linked to liberty. Of course, you are still the decision-maker.

Meanwhile, I urge you to think about your health. It is always best to reflect on things and choose the best path for your betterment. And remember, there are several healthier options available to us! 💚😊

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