12 Filipino Words That Will Make Your Philippines Travel at Ease

The Philippines is one of the best South-East Asian countries that several nationalities are in love. Its geography offers thousands of adventures to backpackers, local and international tourists. This country is an archipelago composed of about 7,640 islands, and it is a megadiverse country.

Because of its geographical structure, the Philippines has several ethnic groups. Hence, there are about 120 to 175 languages spoken in the country. In a nutshell, two significant languages use Filipino and English. In contrast, Filipino is the national language of the Philippines.

If you are a foreigner, let me share some words and phrases you might want to list and remember. They will come handy when visiting our country. 😊❤️ 🇵🇭

12 Filipino Words That Will Make Your Philippines Travel at Ease

1. Komusta?

Meaning: “How are you?” This is a common greeting which Filipinos use.

2. Magandang Umaga.

Meaning: “Good Morning!”

3. Magandang Hapon.

Meaning: “Good Afternoon!”

4. Magandang Gabi.

Meaning: “Good Evening!”

5. Ate / Kuya

Ate means older sister while Kuya means older brother. Filipinos usually use these to call a stranger with respect, especially if they don’t know their names. Some ladies, like me I use the word “Day” or “Inday” (a Bisayan word) as an endearment to other ladies.

6. Magkano ito?

Meaning: “How much is this?” This phrase comes handy when you want to buy from the street or ambulant vendors. Of course, you want to take some souvenirs with you back home. 😉 My recommendation for souvenirs is fridge magnets and make your fridge as a storyteller where you have been. Besides, they are small and handy; they won’t be much of a struggle during packing home.

7. Pahingi naman ako nang bawas.

Meaning: “Can I get a discount, please?” You can also use this phrase when negotiating or asking bargains to the street or ambulant vendors. Although I don’t think that you’ll need this much because souvenirs, food, and other merch are relatively economical in the Philippines compared to developed countries.

8. Sasakay.

Meaning: “I’ll ride.” You can use this when you need to ride public transport. Standard available vehicles in the Philippines are Jeepneys and Tricycles. In the metropolis, there are also Taxis, E-tricycle, Buses, and Trains. Some local community also offers “Padyak” or “Tri-bike,” a pedicab, usually a sidecar attached to a manually powered bicycle. Some places and other tourist spots have “Kalesa” or horse buggy.

9. Ito ang bayad.

Meaning: “Here’s my pay.” It is when you pay for your transport fee. Alternatively, you can also say, “Kuya, bayad po,” “Manong, bayad ko po.” The word Manong means older brother in Ilocano while older sister is Manang.

Tip: Use of Po or Opo – use them to imply respect or politeness, especially to the elderly or someone in authority, or in general. “Opo” means “yes,” and “Po” can work as an interjection.

10. Para. / Para po sa tabi.

Meaning: “To pull over.” It is when you need to ask your driver to pull over on the side. Alternatively, you can also say “Kuya, bababa po sa tabi” or simply “Kuya sa tabi po.”

11. Masarap.

Meaning: “Delicious”. “Tasty”. It is when you want to give compliment or appreciation to the food.

12. Salamat.

Meaning: ‘Thank you”. Better when you say “Salamat po”. 😉

There you have it! I hope when you’re in my home country, the Philippines, you will be able to use the (twelve) 12 Filipino Words That Will Make Your Philippines Travel at Ease. To give you a bonus, here are some other phrases being used to show appreciation.

52StirsLounge - Philippines
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Let me know your experience after visiting Philippines.  Do you know other words or phrases in Filipino? I’d love to hear from you!

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